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Thread: Will Mekanek get the Snake Man At Arms Treatment?

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    Will Mekanek get the Snake Man At Arms Treatment?

    I think this is a possibility. I for one would be "OK" with this for something down the line. I don't mind gettin extra snake folks in my little army. I was thinking of customizing this myself, until I saw him in the new mini-comic.

    I actually think the Snake Mekanek character worked better than Snake Man at Arms.

    The recipe would be :

    Snake Man At Arms buck
    Mekanek armor
    Mekanek Helmet fit on top of Snake Man At Arms Face
    Rattlor's long neck

    Some sort of 20xx accessory

    and Bingo!

    Then if someone wanted, they could use the buck with the human Mekanek head and make their own 200x Mekanek. Mattel could include some green "stickers" for the goggles.


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    Although i am not much into variants i think that he is definitely going to get the treatment of a variant. He is the only other herioc warrior to switch sides for the second ultimate battleground, not by choice ( i assume). And to swell the ranks of the snakemen, I think it would be cool to have him switch sides. Id be down for this character in Motuc

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    I could see this happening, but hopefully not for awhile yet. I would wait until the line is healthier.

    I would like to see him come with two heads, a snaked out head and a normal Mekaneck head with green goggles. Mattel can use the Snake Man-At-Arms buck and repaint that to 200X colors. And add on the Vykron gloved hands too.

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    I wonder if the snake Palace Guard head fits on the MEK-Helmet... If it does, then Zero new tooling used on the main body, which could mean cool extras!
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    Gosh, I would LOVE to get Snake Mek!

    I quite like the idea of "teching" him up a bit as they did with SMAA. Using that buck with a new neck piece and head would be great by me.

    (I also really want a Snake Teela, and would be happy with a simple repaint as Mattel made for 200X, honestly.)
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    God I hope not.

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    Not for a while I hope. Someday maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durendal View Post
    God I hope not.
    i second this
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    I hope we will get him! I love the Snakemen and the MYP cartoon!
    He should have the same body parts as SMAA so there is a match of the Snake-Masters. The only new stuff should be his snake-head and hopefully the neck would have some sort of snake-attachment or something.
    I support Snake-Teela too!

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