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Thread: Dyr the zombie warlord from the past in MOTUC

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    Dyr the zombie warlord from the past in MOTUC

    Dyr, who appeared in the Sunbird legacy book, Was an ancient warlord who, like so many others, tried to grab the power of the universe for himself, but before he could enact his plan, the sunbird was dismantled and sent to the four corners of eternia. Skelator, learning of his legacy, goes to retrieve the four pieces, and use it for himself. He looks very much like very much like Skelator, Im sure you could use the SLL boots for him. Just think he would make a cool character for the series, down the line, after the big guns are out of the way.

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    another character I had no idea that existed. Here I thought I knew everything goes to show how vast the MOTU story is in all the media that is out there.

    If they decide to make the skeleton wizard from the mini comic I would be happy or the MVC comic 200x skeleton warriors I'd be very happy. But as for this guy as a stand alone character I don't know. I'd be happy with his name for the wizard skeleton as a tribute to this character.
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    Cool! I like him; sign me up.
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    It's a cool one! To be release with Skeleton warriors and the Great Black Wizard!

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    I would love that. I wish there was a place to see every character ever created for MOTU....

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    This one is a nice design. If they get round to doing Skeletor's skeleton warrior army builder then I wouldn't mind this guy as their commander. You could have him as a swappable head and armour set like the Palace Guards commander was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrashor View Post
    Thrashor is the only Eternian zombie worth talking about.
    Nope, I'd rather have DYR!!!!

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    Not a bad choice, I'd enjoy a good rendition of him.
    Great Black Wizard figure please!

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