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Thread: So far, what do you think about the new (2012) He-Man comic series by DC Comics?

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    So far, what do you think about the new (2012) He-Man comic series by DC Comics?

    Just like the question asks, what do you think/how do you feel about the new comic series so far?

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    For me it's between bad and ok. The on-going series bores me and the Skeletor origin was ok but nothing special. The comics are so short, they don't have time to get going before they are over. None of it feels like MOTU. It's just names and designs. Seems to be the same story over and over. Adam takes on one of Skeletors men, beats them, end of. If Adam can defeat Skeletors top warriors why does he even need to turn into He-man? Just so he can beat the boss on the final level like a video game I guess. Haven't liked the art much either. It's not terrible but it's no more than ok to me.

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    It's ok. I find myself forgetting about it completely until i see a thread about it. I'm glad overall they are doing this but (imo) they need to bring in some different characters. Using (mostly) the same ones over gets tedious. Enough of the He-Man/Skeletor origins... How about Horak? Or Sorceress?
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    It's terrible. The 200x comics 10 years (!) ago had better art, better stories and a better MOTU feeling.
    Even the Ehapa comics 25 years ago had better art. It's a shame seeing this brand treated by DC with no respect of the 80's... Epic fail...

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    I voted it's good. I love that there is a new comic, but the story moves too slow for a monthly release of such small issues page wise. The art is cool except for the Skeletor issue which is just bad in my opinion.

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    I am new to reading comic books (so I don't have a lot to compare them with), but I personally love them so far!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodster6 View Post
    Seems to be the same story over and over. Adam takes on one of Skeletors men, beats them, end of. If Adam can defeat Skeletors top warriors why does he even need to turn into He-man?
    My thoughts exactly. I've read the first 3 issues, and so far he's knocked off 3 Evil Warriors as Adam. And he's done it while talking about how he doesn't know how to fight. It makes the bad guys look really weak. The question I keep asking myself is: If they can't beat Adam, how the heck did they take down He-Man?

    The one bad guy an issue thing is painfully formulaic. Every week it's the same thing, but with a new bad guy. I would be surprised if he started getting one new ally an issue as well. It's just lazy.

    The other thing I hate is how each bad guy chooses to give Adam little hints about who he really is. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? If you're a bad guy, wouldn't you just kill Adam on sight? Why would you give him clues about who he really is? How could that possibly be to your advantage? So that's pretty frustrating.

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    all digital comics are great so far , regular series until issue 3 not so good ,i really like the 4th and great expectations about the next issues especially after she-ra's comic and one shot on skeletor is really great.

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    I like it, overall. I agree that it doesn't feel like MOTU we are used to, but honestly, that has something to do with our nostalgia and some personal impressions that we have of MOTU that authors can not really hope to reproduce. I also agree that 200x was better. That comic was so good! And there are other things I would do differently (chain mail costumes, Sorceress's cleavage...)

    Still, overall I think the series is fun and I love how they have different series and styles and stories tie together, and create one unity. I think the series as a whole is fun, quirky and surprising. At least for me. I don't read that many comics, so I don't know, maybe all of this is not very innovative, but to me it is.

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    Terrible,not digging the darker route they went with the story. Liked the silly more light-hearted versions by STAR. The fact that I have no interest in the story doesn't help either. Was so excited for these but will still buy them just for collection purposes only.

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    it's okay. world building, origins, ect. Ready for more meat, but gotta build to that right?

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    It's bad. The stories and art don't give me a MotU feeling anymore, and that's a shame.

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    It's definately not your classic MOTU. That being said, it is still an enjoyable read. There is some good humor in the dialogue between Adam and Teela. Character dialogue in general in this series is very good. Mer-Man was extremely well-written. Evil-Lyn is very... unique... compared to all other forms of Evil-Lyn we have seen.
    As for the look of the characters, I wasn't sold at first, but it's grown on me and for the most part I think it's well done.
    Although no incarnation of these characters will ever look as good as the way Emiliano Santalucia drew them. In every media I've seen from 1981 until present day, MOTU characters have never looked better than the way they did when he drew them.
    All in all, I would say this DC series falls well outside what is I'd consider true MOTU canon. But I am enjoying the story and will continue buying future issues. (Though I will buy pretty much anything with a MOTU label on it anyway.)

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    I'm enjoying them as a new canon, but they pale in comparison to lots of other MOTU. That said, I think they're "good."
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    It's decent for me. I like Teela and Adam's snarky relationship the most. I previously only collected X-Men comics, but I cannot stand the new stories or the reboot, so now He-Man comics are all I collect. What I really want is a new cartoon...

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    Overall, I like them. They aren't amazing and theres the odd bit in the stories that makes me wince but I'm pleased they are expanding it slightly and the digital one-shots are sort of linked up with the main series.
    It is different to what we're used to but I think it's different enough to be interesting. I'm not sure I necessarily want a re-hash of the previous stuff, then I'd just pick it apart as it won't compare to the versions I'm used to.
    The darker, grittier thing is clearly what they thought would be popular amongst today's comic readers. When my baby son is old enough to enjoy MOTU, will I read these with him? No. But the slightly sillier, fun stuff is still out there to read (on the ord for example) so I can still share that with him.
    And who's to say if a film comes out or if MOTU suddenly gains popularity they won't try different routes?
    Plus you've got to remember, we're a picky bunch!
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    i just picked up issue 1and 2 today and 1 of motu skeletor origin. i'm not to hip on the he-man and the motu, the art and everything is to new for me, i'm a classic guy. although i did like the art to the origin issue. i'm not into comics at all and havent bought one since 89/90.

    i havent read them yet, but plan to tonight. i really don't know what to compare them too, besides the classic looks that i feel they should be. idk, i mght enjoy both after reading. i heard the same stuff about the he-man one that he is barely in it, and it takes forever, and there is no way this will be a 6 issue comic with how slow they are taking it.

    so who knows, i don't want to be in it for the long haul, i just figured it would be cool to read about he-man and stuff. i geuss we will see what happens with how far they go and how deep i get. i basically just wanted em for wall art to compliment my figures.

    this site is pretty cool.

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    I said good as once I’ve started reading I found it hard to put the comics down.

    They are not however without their problems.

    The first is they’re short and are over before you’ve fully into the story. You have the feeling (like when you’re really hunger) that you want more.

    The second is that I don’t mind if Adam overcomes the odds and wins each time as he faces one of Skeletor’s minions but I would think he needs a bit more help than dreams, the presence of Zoar & Teela and faintly remembered combat instincts. He should have some of the spirit of King Grayskull within him that drives him forward and provides him with wisdom at critical moments thereby helping him to overcome the apparently insurmountable obstacles he faces. Maybe they need to emphasise this in future comics.

    The third is that Skeletor appears weak and dumb to such an extent that even I as a mere mortal would fancy my chances of talking him down (not that it would be a wise thing to try). It should only be He-Man and She-Ra as they both have the Powers of Grayskull who can take him down regularly and perhaps the Sorceress, Hordak, King Hiss and others when circumstances favour them. Otherwise how do you maintain power and keep control over your minions (e.g. Evil-Lyn, Merman, Beastman), evade capture & complete defeat by the Masters, Eternian Guard or others, keep the inhabitants of a planet living in fear of you and keep the respect of the Horde empire, e.g. Hordak? Another thing is he does not presently exude evil he just appears to be bad and incompetent so where has the Evil Lord of Destruction of previous incarnations gone? I even get the feeling reading the comics he wants Adam to escape and become He-Man again – it’s almost like he’s one of the good guys or has been overcome with goodwill to his young nephew!

    Overall, just glad to see new MOTUC comics in print and the banter between Adam and Teela is generally good. Here’s hoping there will be more including some crossovers with She-Ra and DC heroes/villains as well as an Xmas special (I had fond memories at Christmas of watching and reading MOTU when growing-up).
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    Love it. Nuff said.
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    Ahh, yes, from the makers of the 'New 52!'



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    Read 'em. Hate 'em. The crossovers are the only good ones, starting from the ThunderCats crossover.

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