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    Detector- The concept art for Vizar, Since he is so drastically different, it made sense to make a figure for him. As a backstory, i thought he should play a more prominent part in the story line of MOTUC, I imagined that Detector was once a Cosmic Warrior, Like He-ro ( I also think Horde Lord should have been once one). With the ancient knowledge bestowed upon them and having some knowledge of the prophecy of the twins of power, Detector knew Primus would play an important role in the legacy, as well as the fact the it was in the tri-solar galaxy, with close proximity to Horde World, Detector kept a watchful eye on his enemies, reconisance missions to horde world, reporting back to the Cosmic Enforcers and characters like Tug o Warr and Scrollos. Recipe- human male buck with vikor biceps, mutant leader wrists( oo=lar would have been better),human hands, hydron loin and thighs, with Drax boots, with two boots knives. Armor is He-ro', altered the front plate, to represent the Tri-solar galaxy, and head is a Flipshot head with the visor altered a bit. Vizar gun from my shapeways store

    vizar detector.jpg

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    I don't know this character but think you did a great job - I particularly like the chest armour.

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    Loved how he turned out, the white makes him stand out so much.

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