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Thread: How do you rate the new DC comics as a whole until now?

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    How do you rate the new DC comics as a whole until now?

    Considering both the mini-series and digital releases. (NOT considering the three mini-comics included with MOTUC.)
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    I love 'em. The art is a bit hit-or-miss throughout the titles, but I'm interested in the overall story. It's not my perfect reimagining, but I think it's pretty strong. And I see it as just that: One of many reimaginings. One of the many continuities. It's cool. Some of the designs are great (Mer-Man, Beast-Man), some are not, (Evil-Lyn, Trap-Jaw) in my opinion. But yeah. More material out there. Cool.

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    I voted "good". It is awesome that MOTU is getting mainstream exposure, but the art in some of them has been suspect and the story and characters' looks vary a great deal from what I am used to anyway. But overall I am super glad we are getting the comic.

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    You have too many options. All you need are: Good, Bad, & Meh

    But excellent. Why not? It's cool to have a comic, and so far I'm buying in. It's fresh, and though every choice isnt to my liking, it doesnt have to be.

    I'm in it for the duration I feel.

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    Good - room for improvement and there needs to be consistency - but its heading in the right direction.
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    For every step forward there seem to be two steps back. The artwork in the latest issue is dreadful!

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    It's such a mixed bag right now...there have been some really good issues that make me care. Then there are issues like the "origin" of Hordak. Which was appallingly bad. I wanted my money back at the end of that issue because it was so bad.

    I've been surprised at how much I've been digging the MOTU vs. DCU comic. It's a little goofy, but it's still hitting the right notes to make me anticipate the next issue.

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