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    Star Wars

    I did this last year as a commission for an in-law. It was originally going to be a birthday gift for his oldest son, but then he wanted more and more added to it so it got pushed to Christmas. Because of that I had to put my MOTU redesigns on hold, but as a result I learned a lot of little tricks in PhotoShop.

    I started it on 06-28-2012 and eventually finished it in time for Christmas on 12-19-2012. The image is 24" x 36" and we got it printed at Office Depot for like $30 on some durable foam-board with a high-gloss look to it. I had to go through several sources to find the characters I included, and while I would have liked to have done more (like include the ships) they would have looked TOO tacked on and out of place.

    Here's the alphabetical list of everyone included:

    A: Admiral Ackbar / Asajj Ventress / Aurra Sing
    B: Bail Organa / Bib Fortuna / Boba Fett / Boss Nass
    C: C-3PO / Cad Bane / Chewbacca / Count Dooku
    D: Darth Krayt / Darth Malgus / Darth Maul / Darth Nihilus / Darth Vader / Dash Rendar / Doctor Evazan
    E: Emperor Palpatine / Emperor's Royal Guard
    F: Figrin D'an
    G: General Grievous / General Rahm Kota / Grand Admiral Thrawn / Grand Moff Tarkin / Greedo
    H: Han Solo
    I: IG-88 / Imperial Stormtrooper
    J: Jabba the Hutt / Jango Fett / Jawa
    L: Lando Calrissian / Lobot / Luke Skywalker
    M: Mace Windu / Mara Jade-Skywalker / Momaw Nadon
    N: Nien Nunb
    O: Obi-Wan Kenobi
    P: Ponda Baba / Prince Xizor / Princess Leia
    Q: Queen Amidala / Qui-Gon Jinn
    R: R2-D2
    S: Starkiller
    T: Tessek
    W: Wicket W. Warrick
    Y: Yoda
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    It would have been good if you had that image shown to us, Obelisk666.
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