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Thread: Free PDF of an original novel!

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    Free PDF of an original novel!

    Hi guys!
    For the last few years, I've been writing a series of novels. I describe them as: "Theology-themed, semi-autobiographical boys' adventure stories."
    PM me with an email address and I will send you a PDF of the first novel. 400+ pages. For trade, I would just like some basic feedback after you have read it. That's all! Oh, and it can get quite graphic at parts. You have been warned.
    Here is the intro: Thanks!


    A Little Boy’s Search for the One True God

    I remember the battle at the end of all things. I remember choking back tears of terror as I stood in formation beside my friends, my scrawny, trembling hand grasping the cold steel of my ugly pistol, and dreading the evil things that were to come. I remember feeling a faint, hopeful swelling in my heart as my company made way for the great god Krishna as he drove his chariot through our ranks and up to the black gates of the Godhead. I remember standing in silence on the cloudy ground, awaiting word from Heaven’s new ruler. In the silence, I gazed around. I saw my fellow warriors. I saw the ones with whom I thought I would surely die. I saw the grotesque archangel Raguel holding the glowing green sword Excalibur high and shouting encouraging, slurred words to the assembled horde of seraphim and cherubim. I saw handsome but horribly shark-toothed Maui laugh as he danced, deep within a trance, working the other tricksters into a frenzy. Papa Legba cackled with glee, Coyote yipped, and Baron Samedi howled a deep, guttural howl. The white paint on the Baron’s skull face stretched and cracked with the effort.

    I remember looking up at the enormous triangular spaceships of Enki’s people as the machines hummed in barely audible frequencies far above our heads. Also above our heads, flying alone and radiating incalculable amounts of peace and inspiration, was the new wielder of the golden Sword of Truth. But I was not comforted. Jolly Pu-Tai was in the sky as well, on the back of one of the eight dragons that attended him. The Jade Emperor was by his side. Scarcely visible, Sky Woman joined them and playfully circled the dragons.

    I saw that Xbalanque and Hunahpu, the hero twins who bested Hun-Came and the lords of Xibalba, were there. Nearby, fearsome Durga sat tall upon her lion’s back next to Karttikeya and his peacock. The elder son of Shiva waved when he caught my eye. Impossible to miss, many giants from many different lands, all united under Saph’s mighty hammer, stomped and shook the soft ground beneath our feet. Far away, somewhere among the millions upon millions of my fellow fighters stood Medb and Cuchulainn, who were no doubt ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms and drinking themselves into a pre-war berserker rage. I scanned the nearly infinite horizon, searching for my friend Anubis, but I could not find him. I saw many more. So many bodies. So many lives.

    I remember joining my small voice with our army as the doors of the Godhead burst open. The radiance of Heaven’s light shone on Krishna’s dark plum skin as he walked arm in arm with Heaven’s new ruler. Lord Krishna was smiling. I remember the new high gods of Olympus holding the black gates open as the new ruler of Heaven, wearing the battered bronze and leather armor of his predecessor, hesitantly strode out to address us.
    And then, later in that eternal day, I remember the darkness. I remember the coming of our adversary and his equally numerous, diverse, and skilled army. I remember the final battle. I remember the end.

    But wait. I’m getting ahead of myself. Maybe I should just start at the beginning.

    These memories came to me all at once yesterday. They came like infected fluid from a boil that could no longer be contained by weak, stressed skin. The force of the unleashed memories literally brought me to my knees. These overwhelming memories are not the memories of physical experience, but the memories of my dreams.

    I am now a man. When I was a boy, I dreamed these dreams. Only now do I finally recall them. Only now have they snapped into focus. Why now? I think that I know, but then again, I could be wrong.

    My name is Matthew, and if you care to read further, I will set down my dreams for you. All will be revealed.
    But before the dreams come, we will begin with waking life. (to be continued!)
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    Interesting story you have there, MLHumble.
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