So, I'd just like to see which composers you guys are most interested in having score the MOTU film, if you had your choice. Feel free to pick whichever ones you would be happy with.

Personally, my pick would be Elliot Goldenthal. This guy can do everything from the creepy and atmospheric to the bombastic and operatic. His works include Alien3, Batman Forever, Frida, and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. He's got the chops to do MOTU justice, but unlike guys like Williams or Shore, is more or less untapped in the scoring of an epic saga, which would give the series an identifiable voice.

He's also big on leitmotif (those hummable themes that fanboys love so much). anyway, here's a sampling of some of Goldenthal's work that demonstrates his appropriateness for MOTU:

i think music like this would be great for a transformation sequence (especially about 1:43 in)

i can just picture eternia with this one

here, Goldenthal makes great use of choir. i would really love it if He-Man's theme had some male chorus in it.

He-Man riding Battle Cat headlong into the dark hemisphere

relaxation music fit for snake mountain...listen to this one in the dark with headphones if you can.

but who do you want, and why?