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Thread: motu coloring wall murals

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    motu coloring wall murals

    does anyone else remember or have pictures of large plastic wall murals for crayons ? i have some memories of coloring these after they were hanging on a wall in my bedroom , if i remember they were designed to wipe the crayon off for a clean coloring mural , they were prob 4 ft by 4 ft ? but as a kid they might have seemed larger , im sure that once we colored them we threw them away . it seems like i remember for some reason that we bought them from a door to door salesman ?they were just white plastic with black pictures like a coloring book . and i think we just taped them to the wall to color them ?

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    I never heard about the aforementioned wall murals before, ninjor 9.
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    Not familiar with this.

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    Never hears of em.

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    I kind of remember these. They were a white vinyl or plastic with the line art on them. You colored them then could wipe them off to recolor. I didn't have them but remember seeing them at a book fair or a friend's house or something like that.

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