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Thread: He-Man vs She-Ra. Who is physically stronger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue View Post
    In "Horde Prime Takes a Holiday" He-Man is shown anchoring the "most powerful ship in the galaxy" to Etheria, preventing it from leaving the planet's atmosphere. She-Ra says that "Not even my brother can hold his much longer" giving deference to his strength.
    I voted for He-Man as being physically stronger. He clearly has more muscle mass, though the magic of Grayskull gives them both far greater strength. I was thinking of this episode also when I voted since She-Ra is saying it pretty much that He-Man is stronger. There's also the metal on the chest piece He-Man wears which augments his strength, if I remember correctly.
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    I voted Equal because Both Draw their Power from Castle Grayskull channeled through their swords.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjw41 View Post
    I voted Equal because Both Draw their Power from Castle Grayskull channeled through their swords.
    If that's the case, which seems reasonable, I'd say it works like Blood Alcohol Level i.e. based on body weight.....which would give the strength advantage to the larger of the two.

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    He-Man. Men are naturally stronger than women.
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    Watching the Filmation cartoons alone, I come to the conclusion that their strength isn't constant. In fact, they always seem to be as strong as they need to be. So, my answer is - none of the above, because their strength is not measureable.

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    This is easy.

    He - Man is the most powerful man in the universe
    She - Ra is the most powerful woman in the universe

    In terms of strength, as per the OP, men are physically stronger than women, particularly as you get to the top level, the strongest men on the planet are vastly stronger than the strongest women therefore He-Man would be stronger.

    She-Ra has other abilities but in terms of strength, He-Man would win.

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    He-Man is physically stronger.

    They both get an equal amount of power from Grayskull, but it manifests differently within them.

    He-Man has "the POWER of Grayskull," which gives him more brute strength.

    She-Ra has "the HONOR of Grayskull," which manifests in other ways (healing and such).

    It's like a video game... you have the same bucket of points, but your character can put those points into different skills for different results and play styles.
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