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Thread: Choloh in MOTUC discussion

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    Choloh in MOTUC discussion

    Here's another obscure character who's only been mentioned twice in MOTU history - once in an 80's mini-comic, and then last year in a bio (Vykron's, I believe). It's hinted that he was some kind of ruler or warlord, but no further info was given other than that he sports a beard. Seeing how he's never been seen, this character represents another blank slate that the 4H could go to town with, and I'd gladly welcome their certain brilliant interpretation of him in this line (not until 2016, of course)! What say you??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridureyu View Post
    I think his name is too close to the racial slur.
    Don't worry, I think calling a character Tufos (Spanish for "stenches") is far less flattering than calling a character cholo, naco or somesuch. Plus, the spelling Choloh seems to suggest a long/stressed final syllable, so just read it like "chuh-LOH" and it won't sound anything like cholo. In fact, to me that final -h actually makes the word look more like the name of some Mayan mythological creature than anything to do with cholos.

    OTOH, this is another obscure "faceless" concept character (like The Unnamed One), so not before 2016 or 2017, please.
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    I'd be excited to get him.
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    He'd better have a beard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by guy-dude View Post
    He'd better have a beard!
    Haha yeah no doubt. I would love to see what he is imagined to look like. Red Gygor possibly?

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    could be cool, sure. Put it in Son of Heman, and wait for the future.

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    I totally support Choloh ! It should be an Ape right ?
    The Red Beast and Choloh can be the same character ?

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    His updated vision should be included here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durendal View Post
    Here's another obscure character who's only been mentioned twice in MOTU history - once in an 80's mini-comic
    From DC Presents #47 issue, where Beast Man refers to Choloh's beard. Not a minicomic.
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