View Poll Results: Who do you think is the strongest Herioc Warrior after He-Man and She-Ra

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  • Fisto

    37 26.06%
  • Ram-Man

    26 18.31%
  • Sy-Klone

    5 3.52%
  • Roboto

    9 6.34%
  • Man-E-Faces (Monster)

    14 9.86%
  • Wun-Dar

    9 6.34%
  • Vikor

    10 7.04%
  • Mossman

    13 9.15%
  • Castle Grayskullman

    21 14.79%
  • Zodac/Zodak

    43 30.28%
  • other, please explain

    11 7.75%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Who do you think is the strongest Herioc Warrior after He-Man and She-Ra

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    After He-Man Clamp Champ is the strongest. Unlike most of the other Masters Clamp Champ is a Master of two characteristics capture and stealth. As the master of capture, he possesses tremendous physical strength necessary for operating the clamp, and is also a master of stealth with super-senses of hearing and sight. The clamp is made to hold anyone captured, it has been said that the clamp is so heavy that the only other person that can operate it is He-Man. Clamp Champ was made to be Ninjor's better, this why he is also the Master of stealth. None of Ninjor's tricks has any effect on Clamp Champ his hearing and sight gives him quick reflexes which allows him to defeat anyone.

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    When you have watched he-man 200X cartoon you cannot say anyone else except Zodac

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    Fisto is the next strongest Heroic Warrior!
    Technically Zodac/Zodak are stronger but they are Cosmic Enforcers which are of Neutral Alignment and not part of the Heroic Warriors.
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    I had to go with Zodac/Zodak, especially Zodac (the original). He has mystical powers AND is obviously physically strong too. And while the Cosmic Enforcers are supposed to be neutral, they usually fall on the side of the heroic Masters.
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    I went way off the grid, in filmation Garn helped he-man by pounding rock and moving almost a whole mountain to save the city from the flooding waters of the lake above. Then who ever else but garn hands down

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    Garn in filmation rivaled hemans own strength saving the city by puonding and moving a mountain. Hands down garn
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    Definitely Zodac.
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    after having watched 200x cartoon there is no way anyone here is stronger than Zodac

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    It's always been Man-at-Arms for me, ever since he and He-Man were the first two MOTU toys I was given.
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