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Thread: minor mod- He-Man holding all weapons

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    minor mod- He-Man holding all weapons

    Vintage toys all have one gripping hand, one open hand, with some rare exception to the rule. Not much you can do if you want to hold extra weapons, those finger loops could sometimes work as a cheat but it didn't always look great.

    He-Man has a shield that fits over that open hand- oddly the only shield to have this feature, the other shields were hand grips or later wrist clips- and it leaves room to attach something. A right handed axe makes this easy as the sword handle is flat, but if the sword is right hand then you will have to modify the axe handle with a flat slot.

    Then stick the weapon to the shield's flat finger guard. A very strong double-sided tape is preferable but I could not find anything that would hold the weight- the strongest tape Lowe's carries is still not suitable. I opted to use super glue as this is an extra shield with slightly sloppy paints. Both are commemorative edition accessories so collectors probably aren't too distraught over this.

    The end result. I actually made an error when cutting this notch and the axe has a slight lean, but this mistake proved to be beneficial- He-Man's shield sits at a bit of an angle on the arm so this left the axe straight when in the hand. This may mean filing down a sword grip at an angle would also be necessary if you want it straight.

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    How creative of you, diosoth.
    This way He-Man can fight with all his weapons at the same time.
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