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Thread: Ninjor cloth accessory woes

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    Ninjor cloth accessory woes

    I got a Ninjor loose and completely incomplete. He has no weapons and he had no cloth accessory either. I got the cloth part, but it is missing the original chest logo. Is there a download available anywhere that I can use to print an new logo as a sticker or iron on transfer so I can make him complete for my display purposes?

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    I am not sure whether the said download is available or not.
    I think it would be better if you buy a complete Ninjor figure rather than buying a loose one.
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    There are repro's available on ebay

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam03 View Post
    There are repro's available on ebay
    Does selling that image violate copyright laws?

    On the other hand, printing the image onto sticker paper or an iron-on should be perfectly legal provided you use it for private purposes and do not sell it. This is really no different than printing a picture of a toy to make a homemade pin-up; only you are displaying the image on a piece of cloth instead of hanging it on your wall.

    I am not a lawyer though. Am I wrong?

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    You can USE any of the MOTU images for your own private purposes. I don't think people can legally sell those things though, strictly speaking.

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    Legality aside, Mattel isn't selling the toy anymore, they aren't selling any of those vintage toys or their sticker sheets anymore. You really don't have much choice but to buy a repro. Money isn't even necessary, even if you put it up for free download it's still technically a violation.

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