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Thread: What do you think the perfect MOTU game would be (rpg,fighting ect...)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwwd View Post
    Orko fights too in game, i dont think she had magic like orko in series, i think people have problems with it cause sorceress is a woman, orko never fought in cartoon but there was no complaint about him at all.
    I started new character
    Game works on android without problems, use pak file thats in archive with pc version and just move pak file to paks folder when you install openbor on your android device, pak file is the game data, without it game wont run.touch.txt is to configure touch buttons placement on screen but default one works too.
    She-ra looks awesome!!! I want this game on my Wii!

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    Here's She-Ra gameplay
    You can play the game on Wii , just get openbor from here and install wii version
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    Sweet this game now has lion-o and ram man as playable characters

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    When I was young I always wanted the SNES game Zelda - A Link to the Past to be a He-Man game. To think of it, that environment, and those characters in the game could easily be replaced with MOTU characters. How Link levels up, holds his Master Sword aloft, go between different worlds, where hte main villian is a blue antagonist.
    It would just be a perfect MOTU game

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    I'm to old for video games... but I'd still love to have an official pencil-n-paper RPG and/or produce the official tabletop miniatures game.
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    I'd take anything (well, except Tappers/Clickers/Idle, or other corny games like that).

    My dream is a Star Trek: Timelines type game (with no in-game purchases). For those who are not familiar, it is pretty much a fancy text sim where you collect crew members and then pick teams to go on missions (skill checks determine if you succeed). There are a bunch of other modes, but that is the gist of it. There would be TONS of characters to collect from all the different MOTU franchises, especially with all the variations.

    I'd really like a sim/text or RPG with good GUI, character sheets, maps, etc where you explore and open world, recruit, and go on quests- with a bunch of stats to power up, collect treasure and clues, sidequests, main plot, have character arcs, make choices, manage resources or roster, etc.

    Would also enjoy a cool collectible card game, but not another Hearthstone clone.

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    I'd take an RPG or an Action/Adventure style. I just wouldn't want one of those apps that never end like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes or Marvels Strike Force. I have both of those and while they're fun, they get boring after all the tasks are completed.

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