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Thread: Ways of converting factions members to other factions. (Mostly bad guys)

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    Ways of converting factions members to other factions. (Mostly bad guys)

    There doesn't seem to be alot of jumping ship from one faction from another in motu, But I was looking at how its been done in the past, and from a fan fiction or even custom standpoint, you could do it with any character. Now from a realistic standpoint only, only the evil factions forcibly "recruit" members from different factions.

    1. Snakemen- they have the serpents ring, a powerful artifact that can turn most anyone (dint work on Heman, robots like Roboto,etc) and once turned can be turned permanently with a shard of the Ophidan Spire in them ( as shown in the episode 40 comic of the 200x series). Man at arms, Mekaneck, Teela, and Chief Carnivous, are all susceptible to the permanent transformation, and as shown in the second ultimate battleground , he transformed both Man at Arms and Mekaneck into snakemen. I imagine that with Teela being the Sorceress now, she would be impervious like Heman to it, the powers of Grayskull guarding her magically. But with the Serpents Ring, Hiss has a powerful artifact on his hand, and once they are a snakeman they only answer to Hisssss.

    2.Mutants- Now although the scientists of Primus invented the Mutator in one episode, and turned both He-man (Cruncher) and Gepple both into Mutants, You can say the Mutant scientists "stole the plans" and created one of their own. Using this device, they can turn anyone into a mutant and force them to serve in the mutant army .

    3. Horde- Now the Horde has a bunch of different of ways of getting people to serve their purpose.
    a) The Slime Pit, run by Slime Pig, the mind controlling slime make whoever is drenched in it, a slave of the Horde. The only one we have seen under its control was He-man, which was the worst person to have against you, and shows the slime has very strong mind controlling powers.
    b)The Expermentation Matrix- Hordak used this to create Dragstor, Extendar, and Snout Spout. This has somewhat less then average results as two of the three defect from the Horde to the Heroic Warriors (Extendar and Snout Spout). Although it did create some very characters with some unique powers, the mind control aspect needs some tweaking.
    c)The Horde Symbol- for those of us lucky enough to have the Power and Honor book, the original idea behind Horde symbol, was that it was supposed a bat like creature(similar to the one included with MOTUC Hordak) that controlled who ever it latched. Some one must have and some sort of control over those creature(Hordak, or Horde Prime), But it kept them as they were, just forced to obey. Character like Grizzlor, Mantena, Leech, Catra, all have them.
    D) Power gems- One of Shadow weavers origins was that she absorbed power from a magical gem the Horde supplied to her but before she could absorb it all, Norwin, her Mentor ,destroyed it, Leaving her disfigured and not "all Powerful". The level of mind control, is questionable at best, since Shadow Weaver has many a times tried to take out Hordak.

    4. Evil Warriors- Now although Skeletor has not converted anyone over to his side, I always imagined him as an all powerful Necromancer, raising the dead and using them to serve his will. Most of the time, someone was better off dead to him, so he could raise them as his slave over keeping them alive, maybe this could be a theme as to why all his lakeys are so scared of him, they know hell kill them off and just bring them back, so they serve his will, no question. I was glad to see the bone warriors and skeleton warriors in the 200x cartoon, cause it just further justifies my theory of Necromancy. He asks all the warlords of the Dark hemisphere to leave their fallen warriors at the foot of snake mountain, then whenever he whims it, uses his powers to bring them back and serve in his evergrowing army. And I have been seeing alot of zombie hemans, or zombie he-ro's, I think this is a cool way that Skeletor could create pwerful allies, although i would assume they would lose some of their abilities, but as long as their shell is strong then they will serve Skeletor well.
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    How creative of you, facet. I hope one day you write a fan-fiction using those factions and characters.
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    Dont over think it. People change sides and loyalties all the time. Even in MOTUC Rattlor & such just change sides because a better offer, a better deal, or they are just sick of working with the same old folks. But I like your dedication.

    For myself I dont like faction changing because I like my loyalties clearly defined. Kobra Kahn is an Evil Warrior, through and through. Camo Kahn is a pure snakeman and not Kobra Kahn for me, for example.

    When I get Tung Lashor filmation style he'll just be a loyal Horde member who is not the same character as the Snakeman vintage Tung Lashor.

    Heck, I am so against this that my Snake Man at Arms is my 200x man at arms. I took his snake face out of the helmet and put in the mustachioed head. Then when i got the Battle Ram I just use the helmetless head with him holding the empty 200x helmet. The snake face I made a Custom figure with of a new Character to join the snakemen, I am so against faction swapping.

    Side swapping is more interesting and frankly more realistic and from a story point more interesting. You could absolutely do it with any character.

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    There are comics where Skeletor uses brainwashing (I think on Beast Man and Tri-Klops). Was it in Icons of Evil? Not sure. But most of the time, he uses more psychological methods. Mostly fear, I think. Also, some of the Evil Warriors are pobably just loyal to him because they respected Keldor. When they accept that Keldor is gone, they might defect.
    The Horde also uses brainwashing. I think it is in Grizzlor's bio? Not sure right now. They got Dylamug that way, too. Only they call it reprogramming, because he is a robot.
    I don't think there is any mind control going on with Shadow Weaver. She made a classic deal with the devil - serve the Horde and you get power.

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    It would be interesting if there were a separate heroic faction of characters.

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    Some good thoughts on that. I actually do 'repurpose' characters mostly to fit with groups that are better fits. So far I've put filmation Clawful, Fang Man, and Saurod all on the Snake men mostly because they fit in alright and I wanted to bolster their ranks. Regular Clawful is 'Clawful' to me but the filmation one looks different enough to be a new character and he does look more lizard like than crab. Batros is on the Horde mostly because it already looks like he's got a Horde symbol.

    Some good thoughts on how some of the evil factions could enslave someone to their side though.
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    I want to add the comic story where the Snakemen turned on their former leader King Hiss and joined Goddess Teela and eventually He-Man. While I prefer the Snakemen to be villainous creatures, I really liked that development as it made sense for them to obey the snake Goddess.
    I like it a lot more than several of the generals joining Hordak.
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