I have been playing the He-Man mobile game like crazy lately, and it really got me wishing for a full on console/PC video game.

There are so many possibilities with a license as expansive as Masters of the Universe Classics. Just about every video game genre would work for He-Man and friends... (except maybe the dance simulators... )

So, if a new game were to be announced in the next few weeks, what type of game would you like it to be?

-Open World 3rd person adventure-
This would fall along the lines of GTA or Red Dead Redemption, where you have a fully open Eternian world to explore riding around on the back of Battle Cat and progressing the story at your own pace. There is plenty of side quests to do as well.

-Top Down Action RPG-
Similar to the X-Man legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, this would allow for customization of characters and a massive roster to choose from (encompassing all factions of MotU). The game can be played with four people cooperatively or as a single player controlling four characters.

-Open World Action RPG-
Similar to the first choice, but more along the lines of the Elder Scrolls or Legend of Zelda games. Much more emphasis on RPG elements, i.e. leveling up, gaining/mastering new weapons, customizing characters, etc..

-Side Scrolling action adventure-
Classic platforming game in the style of Super Mario, Mega Man, Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc.. (Very similar to He-Man the Most Powerful Game in the Universe.)

-Side Scrolling Beat-em-up-
Like the classic the TMNT arcade game, Final Fight, or Streets of Rage. Linear but fun, and up to six players.

-Fighting game-
Self explanatory. Think Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and Mortal Kombat.

-3D Action game-
A game similar to God of War or Bayonetta but with all of our favorite MotU characters. (Resembles the PS2 MOTU 200X game, but much, MUCH better.)

-Sandbox action adventure-
This game would be modeled after the Batman Arkham games. Limited open world gameplay with side missions and a central storyline.

-Kid Friendly MOTU Mini-Masters game-
A game that is both playable and fun for children and adults. Very similar to the Travelers Tales LEGO games but modeled after the kid-friendly Mini-Masters. Like the LEGO games, gameplay is simple but intuitive and there is a huge roster of characters to choose from and unlock. Up to four players.

-Real Time Strategy-
Modeled after Command and Conquer, Starcraft, Age of Empires. Build your very own Castle Grayskull with the resources you earn and go to battle with opposing armies. Maps cover all parts of the He-Man universe including Eternia, Etheria, Primus, and more.

Obviously this doesn't cover everything. But these are the most popular games that I think would best fit the MOTU mold. I purposely left out racing, 1st person, and puzzle games as I don't think they would translate well... I also didn't put a MMORPG on the list either because I'm not personally fond of those games (although they are hugely popular...)

So what would you like to see? Tell us why!