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Thread: Aremesh in MOTUC

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    Aremesh in MOTUC

    Any character that can knock He-Man unconscious simply by touching him should get an automatic ticket to the Classics line!

    We are introduced to Aremesh in the Filmation cartoon's first series episode "Return to Evil". Aremesh, an electroid from Orko's dimension, arrives at the Royal Palace to capture Orko (who Aramesh refers to as "Orko The Icon") and demanding a mysterious object from the Trollan, an object Orko knows to be the Dimension Sphere, which he has kept hidden inside Castle Grayskull. He-Man and Battle Cat confront the powerful evil robot who disappears with Orko, and arrives at Snake Mountain. Skeletor vows to help Aremesh obtain the Dimension Sphere in return for help in conquering Eternia. Skeletor orders He-Man to hand over the Dimension Sphere, or else he will unelash the electroid upon the Royal Palace!

    From my childhood, Aremesh angerly moaning and pounding his fists against Skeletor's glass prison stuck out as one of the scariest scenes in the entire Filmation cartoon! This character could translate very well to a Filmation themed Classics figure. He already sports a colorful, simple, and toy-like robot design with a bright red cape, chest emblem, golden body, flat fingertips, and a stylish robot head. He would likely be packaged with a hover disk (which could be the same sculpt used with an eventual movie trooper release), and a redesigned Dimension Sphere for Orko to hide inside of Castle Grayskull. I can also see him paired wiht an energy blast accessory to attach to his hand. Aremesh is one of those characters that begs for a more fleshed out bio, as there appears to be no further mention of the electroids' or Dimension Sphere's history. Who is this mysterious foe from Orko's dimension? Why does he want the Dimension Sphere and why did his name sound familiar to Man-At-Arms and He-Man? An appearance in the Classics line could tell us more!

    Vote for Aremesh in Poll #12 of the official 2016 character polling season and show your support!

    Character: Aremesh
    Appearance: "Return of Evil" (He-Man & the Masters of the Universe DVD set, Season 1, Volume 1, Disc 3)
    Quotes: "I am Aremesh. I have come for the secret thing. Orko The Icon has it." -Aremesh
    "I must find that robotic lightbulb before he gets the secret for himself!" -Skeletor
    "In the days of the old kingdom, icons like Orko were the keeper of the sphere. Since that time, the sphere has remained at Castle Grayskull." -Sorceress
    Trivia: Electroids appear in the Trollan-based She-Ra episode "The Greatest Magic"; but those electroids appear to be vastly different in that episode. [Referenced from the unofficial cartoon guide written by James Eatock!].

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    In my top ten 2016 and beyond characters. I think the horsemen could do wonders with the golden red caped robot.
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    You know given the looks of Sir Laser-Lot and Bandwidth, I kind of wonder if in MOTUC Aramesh is Goldenrod and they're a trio of futuristic knights. Goldenrod went bad though and became Aramesh.
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    I've wanted this guy for years, but it's always mystified me why he isn't more highly demanded among Filmation fans. He's not just another badass independent villain - he's an evil android alien! How could anyone not want a figure of this guy??

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    I'd like to get him! (I wonder if RoboWoman is supposed to be a heroic electroid...?)
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    Very excited to see Aremesh appearing in next week's Round 2 polls! Show your support and bring him to the Classics line!

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    Yes to Aremesh, who is now my #1 most wanted filmation character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdultCollector View Post
    What the hell is Daft Punk's problem with Orko anyway?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
    I hate you. So much.

    In regards to my speculation on who Teela's real father is.

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