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Rules and Guidelines

Infraction System requires all members to abide by the rules and guidelines. If you do not agree with this, please log out of the forums. is a family community that welcomes members and guests of all ages. In order to maintain our friendly community environment, we have created rules that we require all members to abide by. The rules are broken down into three categories – Critical Offense, Major Offense, and Minor Offense.

Each category is assigned a point value. Upon violation of a rule, the point value associated with the infraction will be noted on your account and a running total kept. Account suspensions will be given once the running point total on your account reaches a certain level.

Six points will garner a one-week suspension of your account, ten points will garner a three-week suspension of your account, fifteen total points will garner a two-month suspension of your account, and twenty total points will garner a permanent ban from While these are guidelines that we will go by, we reserve the right to judge violations on a case-by-case basis and suspend/ban accounts as we feel necessary.

Infractions are not permanent and will expire as follows:
  • Minor offenses - 6 months expiration
  • Major offenses - 12 months expiration
  • Critical offense - 18 month expiration

If you have received an Infraction or a Warning from a mod, you can speak with them directly about it if you have any questions or concerns.

Immediate and Permanent Suspension

  • Unpermitted registration of a new account by any user who has received a temporary or permanent suspension. Discovery of duplicate account can be made by research of mods and admins, information provided by other users, or by admission of the user him/herself. Any suspended user should contact the webmaster to discuss their suspension.
  • Posting fake feedback on iTrader
    Any user found guilty of posting fake or malicious feedback on iTrader for a transaction that did not take place on the forums will be permanently suspended. Make sure any feedback you post is real and is based on a thread in the Marketplace section where the transaction is recorded.

Critical Offenses – 5 Points Assigned To Your Account:

  • Listen to and respect the administrators and moderators.
    • They are recognizable by the green, red, and black usernames. Remember that admins and moderators reserve the right to edit/delete any post/thread and are not required to notify a user afterwards. If you do not agree with a decision that a moderator or administrator made, please do not post your question or concern on the forums. Instead, PM them to discuss the matter or ask questions. Click here to View Forum Leaders to know who moderates which section. Please remember, the final decision is that of the mod or admin and you must abide by it.

  • Respect and do not harass other forums, companies, creators, and especially your fellow Org members.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, insults, character attacks, derogatory and defamatory comments, and unwanted or unwarranted ridicule. We want to keep a community where people can come and be free from the harassment and trolling that is found elsewhere.

  • Post content MUST be kept family-friendly. does offer a more adult themed Tar Swamp forum; users have the option of applying for access to that forum.
    • Pictures and videos containing nudity, depictions of lewd situations, extreme violence, vulgarity or other inappropriate language cannot be embedded in posts.
    • Links containing x-rated or extremely graphic content, illegal filesharing/downloads, or any other illegal or questionable material are forbidden. Action may be taken if links are reported with inappropriate content.

Major Offense – 3 Points Assigned To Your Account

  • Respect the opinions of others
    • Do not call anyone here on the Org or another forum complainer, purist, hater, cry baby, whiner or any word of a similar nature. Click here, read and follow our detailed guidelines about respecting the opinions of others.
    • Do not complain about complaining. All members have the right to voice their constructive concerns about customer service, quality control, company public relations, etc., and should be able to do so without fear of ridicule.

  • No talk of illegally downloading material.
    • Whether its MOTU related or not, please do not discuss illegally downloading copyrighted material. We expect other sites to respect our copyrights, so we will respect theirs.

  • Complaining about negative feedback on iTrader
    • If you received negative feedback, you must own up to your mistakes. If you complain about it to mods in an effort to have this feedback deleted but the mods find the feedback was legitimate, you will be penalized.

  • Do not use Signatures, Custom Ranks, or Avatars to fight with any other members.

  • Do not put lewd or offensive material in your Signature, Custom Ranks, or Avatars.

  • No “scalper” harassment threads.
    • Every dealer has the right to offer his/her item for whatever price they wish. It is up to the buyer whether or not to purchase an item.

  • Violation of the Protected Thread Option See Below

Minor Offense – 1 Point Assigned To Your Account

  • Do not post a thread that repeats an existing topic.
    • Use the search feature before posting a new thread. If a thread already exists for the topic you wish to discuss, please use the existing thread. That way, we will not oversaturate any of the forums with threads on the same topic.

  • Do not post edited vulgarity.
    • Do not try and sneak in vulgar words by editing changing some letters to symbols. Please simply type the word out and allow the board software to censor it if need be.

  • Improper/slang usage of insulting words
    • Please refrain from using insensitive terms in slang connotation such as "raped," "retarded," "gay," etc. These words have applicable uses, which is why we do not censor them. Please remember that using them as slang can be offensive to others. Please remember to respect others, and take into consideration what these words imply when used as slang.

  • Please use proper “netiquette” when posting on the forums.
    • This means that you should not be using ALL CAPS or all bold for your entire post (i.e. shouting). Instead only use ALL CAPS to emphasize a point, or utilize the italics or bold style option.

  • Do not use colored text or large text for your entire post.
    • Colored text and larger font sizes are to be used in special instances when needing to call attention to a word or phrase. Please use them sparingly.

  • Do not post the same thread/reply in multiple forums/threads.
    • This means do not cross post to promote your opinion, an item for sale, or to bring attention to another thread you created.

  • Post your new topics in the correct forum.
    • Please read the forum description under each forum title to see what content belongs in each forum.

  • Provide accurate thread titles
    • If you begin a new thread on the forum, please make sure the title is representative of what patrons will find inside the thread. Please avoid vague titles such as “Has this happened to you?” or “Check this out!” More detailed and accurate thread titles help encourage participation and help mods more easily identify threads.

  • Post polls in the Polls sub-forum.
    • Each forum has a Polls section located at the top of the forum. Please post your polls there.

  • No rumors unless clearly labeled as such.
    • This holds especially true for the potential new MOTU movie. Always cite your sources.

    • If you start a thread about a rumor, you must label it as such by putting “RUMOR!” at the beginning of the title and the first line of the post must read “***RUMOR***.”

  • Posts and signatures are to be in English.
    • Please only post in English for discussion/signatures. Moderators only speak English on these forums.

  • Keep buying/selling/trading offers in the Marketplace.
    • Do not post your wants or offers anywhere other than the appropriate Marketplace forum or in your personal profiles/signatures.

  • Do not link to items for sale anywhere other than the Marketplace.
    • Please keep links to eBay or online stores in the proper Marketplace forum.
    • Links to “ended” eBay auctions are permitted board-wide for discussion purposes only.

  • Please do not post frequently just to increase your post count.
    • Post count is not a measure of someone's importance. There are long-time members with low post counts and newer members with high post counts.

Protection Option

We should all respect each other's constructive opinions. And for the most part, the vast majority of people here do that. But there are a handful of fans who simply have to argue about everything, and that can sometimes drag down a thread.

The "Protection Option" allows fans to discuss individual topics with people who share those interests, with no worry of someone derailing the thread or arguing with them.

Please use this rule sparingly. We don't want to abuse this option!

The standard Protection Option is not the same as the Tar Swamp Protection Rule. You will be informed of the Tar Swamp Protection Rule upon gaining access to that forum.

1. Steps for starting a Protected Thread:
  • Users need to ask a moderator in the forum you wish to start the Protected Thread for permission before posting. (Click here for a list of Forum Mods and what section they moderate)
  • When asking for permission, users need to provide the mod with a link to the previous debate-friendly discussion to see if there really is a need for a Protected Thread.
  • If a Protected Thread is approved by a moderator, the user must add "PROTECTED:" to the beginning of the subject of this thread.
  • Add the words "Protected thread!" at the beginning of the first post in the thread
  • Below the words "Protected Thread!", post the link of the previous debate-friendly discussion directing users to the previous general discussion of the same topic.
  • Below the thread link, add text indicating which mod gave you permission to start the protected thread eg: "Permission given by TheShadow."

2. No arguments. Protected threads are not open for debate or argument. These threads are for people to discuss a belief without fear of being attacked and/or challenged. If you want to continue to argue or discuss an opposing opinion, please visit the link at the top of the thread to participate in the previous debate-friendly discussion.

3. No "call outs." If you disagree with something that has been said in a Protected Thread, you can't call that person out into another thread to discuss/argue about it. Nor can you use that user's post against them in another thread. Protected threads are just that: protected, and so are the comments inside. If you disagree with the general topic and want to start your own thread to the contrary, then that's one thing. But Protected threads are not about fighting with individual users.

Creating a Protected Thread without following the steps listed above, or going against the protected topic will result in a three point infraction.

Respecting Opinions and Offering Constructive Feedback

There is no reason to get into insults just because you have a differing point of view, especially when discussing toys, cartoons and the like.

If you want to disagree with someone's opinion on, that's fine. As long as you handle your opposing view point constructively and respectfully, and don't resort to childish insults, hostile comments and/or inappropriate remarks, you can always voice your opinion.

But because someone says something that you don't agree with does not make it okay to belittle someone else's opinion. It's very disrespectful to your fellow fans, and we try not to do that here at You wouldn't want someone insulting you for what you hope to see in a toy line. So let's show mutual respect in that regard.

If you see a comment or post that sparks an immediate response of a differing opinion, please count to 10 to relax first, then put yourself in the other person's shoes for a moment and think about where they are coming from before you reply.
It's very important to not immediately go on the defensive. Most folks aren't trying to be insulting. Yes, some are, but most really are not. After you've taken a moment to reflect and you find that you still disagree, hopefully your reply will then be more even keel because you've thought about it a bit more. It may sound silly, but it really does help.

We're all guilty of knee-jerk replies, where we let our emotions sometimes take control of us. If we were all standing around face-to-face, it would certainly be different. But online, it pays to be a bit more choosy with our words.

For users who feel they've been insulted or attacked by another user:

Do not take the matter into your own hands! That just makes things worse. Instead, report it and let the mods handle the situation!

There is also a list of moderators and what sections they moderate found at the bottom of the main forum index under the View Forum Leaders link if you'd like to talk to them directly about another matter.

But, turnabout is fair play:

If you want respect, you have to give respect. It's very important we all do our best to be as constructive and respectful with our opinions as possible. It doesn't matter if you're talking about other users, other forums or Mattel. Please treat others the way you want to be treated. It's a very simple policy that will almost always help everyone out in the end.

Commission Rules and Guidelines

In light of numerous problems that have come out of fans offering or seeking commissions from artists on these forums, we have created a detailed set of rules and guidelines to follow.

Unless it's marked with a green "Rule" in front of it, it's merely a suggestion to help you when taking part in such transactions.
The rules apply to the forums and deals that originate from here.
Breaking forum rules for commissions is subject to the same warning / suspension / banning practices as all other site rules.

For buyers seeking commissions:

Rule: You must PM an artist if you are interested in a commission:
All transactions involving commissions must take place over PM.
Or, if the artist has a website in their signature, you may want to visit that and contact them via any e-mail address on their site.

Avoid dissatisfaction:
You have every right to request changes to a commission if you are displeased.
But courtesy to artists is also in order.
Request a sketch ahead of time.
A sketch is a rough idea from an artist of how the composition and figure placement will be on the piece.
This can really help to iron out any concerns ahead of time.

If you find yourself displeased at the final results, ask for changes.
One round of minor corrections to a piece created on an approved layout is common in the professional world.
But your requests must also be reasonable, especially if the artist followed the layout in an approved sketch.

Also consider you are hiring the artist for their vision. While the artist should follow your instruction on what to draw, their style is their own and you should respect that. For example, don't ask them to draw a face like MOTU painter Earl Norem if that's not how they have drawn faces in all of their other examples.

Do not pay ahead of time:
Commissions can sometimes take a long time to complete.
Unless you have full faith in the artist, you should only pay once the art has been completed and a JPG has been sent to you for your approval.

Always insure and track for delivery:
Art can be expensive. When you pay the artist for delivery of the art, spend the extra few dollars to insure and track your delivery. Insist that the artist take care of this if you want to pay for the service.
You'll also want to address this with the artist in the early discussion stages before the commission is ever produced.

Find another solution when an artist wants payment early:
Refer to our 3rd party guidelines in the Avoiding non-payment section below.

For artists offering commissions:

Rule: No threads offering commissions will be allowed.
You may mention in your signature that you are available for commissions.
Users would then need to contact you privately for price/details/etc.
We are avoiding having a thread where multiple people seek to get a commission done at one time. This helps alleviate a bottle neck of work, which may result in delays and problems in delivery.
The only exception to this are endorsed commission threads, which will be stuck to the top of a forum if they are official.

Keep communication active with your buyer.
Commissions can take time. We know firsthand since some of's moderating staff are long-time professional artists.
If you foresee a delay in delivery, let your buyer know.
It's wise to keep them updated once a week.

Avoiding non-payment.
With our suggestion that buyers pay only when art is complete, there is a slight risk that you may never get paid for completed art.
If this is a concern of yours, and the buyer is willing, we suggest involving a reputable 3rd party (such as owner JVS3) to hold the money.
When delivery of art to buyer is confirmed, the 3rd party can then send on the money to the artist.
The only forms of payment allowed in this instance are PayPal and money order. Keep in mind, though, that sending payment to a 3rd party via PayPal will result in two PayPal fee charges:
One from the buyer to the 3rd party, then one from the 3rd party to the artist.
The 3rd party will not be responsible for refunding this fee. Consider it a cost of business.

For artists AND buyers:

Rule: Displaying commission art:
Artists should remember that the art that was commissioned now belongs to the person who purchased it.
The artist should only display it on their site with the permission of the buyer. This may be something an artist will want to outline ahead of time as a term of the transaction to avoid any later complications.
Also, the artist should not display the art anywhere else (eg: the forums; gallery showings; etc) without the permission of the buyer.
Art is a private matter. Buyers may not wish for others to share in something that was created especially for them.
Please respect this.

Rule: Use of commissioned art:
Both the artist and buyer should recognize that use of any commissioned art, based on characters/brands/properties owned by another party or parties, for any commercial purposes is illegal.
The art should be kept in a private collection by the buyer for their own enjoyment, and only used by the artist as a portfolio sample pending agreement from the buyer.

Marketplace Rules and Guidelines for Self-Protection


We do have several new rules that will go into effect April 17, 2012. Once implemented, Traders will have 30 days to familiarize themselves before complete enforcement begins. Not adhering to these new policies will result in an immediate ban from the Marketplace.

  • For domestic orders, delivery confirmation must be used. This is a requirement as it proves the date shipment has occurred. No longer can you opt not to get tracking.
  • For International, the customs and/or tracking number must be supplied to the buyer. Every item shipped out of the US obtains a customs tracking number regardless if it is sent 1st class/Air Mail, International Priority Mail, or Global Express. There is no way around it when using the USPS, it’s part of the process enforced by US Customs. This will prove you sent an item. It must be noted that it may not prove the item was received as it is completely up to the receiving country's postal service to notify the USPS.
  • Maximum ship-out time frame: For purchases, the seller must provide proof listed above to the buyer that the item(s) have been shipped within 2 weeks after payment has been received. For trades, Trader B must provide proof to Trader A that their item(s) have been shipped within 1 week after Trader A has provided proof that they have done the same; Trader A being the first person to ship their end of the trade. The buyer, seller, nor either trader is responsible for the length of time taken by the courier for delivery of the shipment.
  • We reserve the right to attempt mediation between traders but each complaint will be handled on a case by case basis and we make no guarantees you will receive.
  • Click here to see our guidelines on reproducing Mattel & Classic Media content for customs, artwork, etc.

Once in a blue moon, some real losers work their way onto these forums and ultimately steal from other users by taking their money or items and never living up to their end of the deal. These types of things do happen, and does a great deal to prevent these scam artists from getting onto the forums! But, we can't stop them all. So, you need to be smart when dealing with someone because if the warning signs are there, and you do the deal with them anyway and get screwed, you also have yourself to blame. If you have any doubts about a transaction -- you should take these steps before moving forward with any deal!

Search through the Trader Review!
The Trader Review is a section of that is never purged. So you can go back a few years and search through information about users and previous deals to find comments, both positive and negative.

Buyers should not send payments as a Gift!
When payment is sent as a gift, it nullifies the PayPal protection. If the buyer is the unfortunate victim of a sham transaction, there will be no way to recover the payment.

Check out a user's iTrader feedback on the forums!
Under each person's avatar is their iTrader feedback from transactions on the forums. Other users may have left feedback about a previous deal. Click on that person's score to find out more info.

Ask for their eBay user ID!
If the above isn't informative enough, then this is a good way to check how reputable someone is. Anyone who is an honest seller/buyer will have no problem giving you their eBay ID. A red flag should go up immediately if they won't tell you, or don't have one.
When they give you an ID, go to eBay and check out their feedback rating!

If it looks good, e-mail them via the Contact Member option on their feedback report to verify it's them! An honest seller won't mind you doing this.
You have to be careful because a scam artist may point you to someone else's eBay ID. Don't deal with them until you get a reply from your eBay e-mail.

If none of the above checks out, have them complete their end of the deal first!
If you show to them you are a reputable buyer/seller/trader but they have no reputation, request that they send you their item first.
Remember, it's a two way street. Your information needs to check out to them as well. You can't make such a request if you have an unknown reputation.
In a trade:
This should only be done if one of the parties involved is suspicious. If you both have a good reputation, you should both send your items at the same time!
And, you should always insure and get delivery confirmation or signature confirmation on your order, and demand they do the same! Paying a couple extra dollars is always worth it, unless you don't care if you lose the item/money.
In a sale:
If they are the seller, and you are the buyer, and the seller is suspicious, request the item be sent before payment. This is not common. But if you have a good reputation, and they do not, it should be no problem as the seller knows they can trust you to send payment after you receive the item.

If you follow the above steps, you can almost always avoid getting screwed.
Check the facts
Insure the payment/items
And get confirmation of delivery when something is sent
Play it safe and smart!

But these are only guidelines!
If you follow them and something bad still happens, is not to blame.
All deals have been and always will be at your own risk!

iTrader Instructions

What is iTrader?
iTrader is a forum app that keeps track of Marketplace feedback submitted by users. It's very similar to eBay. Users can submit a feedback rating and additional info about a transaction on the forum Marketplace. It helps other users know about past experiences and quickly identifies a person's Marketplace reputation.

How do I see someone's feedback score and history?
There's a couple ways to do this.

First method:
Under each person's avatar, you will find their iTrader feedback rating. To get more info, click on the score which will redirect you to the user's Complete Feedback section. You will find a series of tabs that let you see a user's feedback in a series of different ways.

Second method:
Click on a user's username above their avatar, and then click on View Profile. Then click on the Marketplace Feedback tab. You get a summary of that user's feedback. You can also click on the View Complete Feedbacks for (username) to see a more detailed description of a user's feedback like in the first method.

How do I give feedback?
Via the first method described above, you will find a link to Submit feedback for that user on the right hand side under the Trader Rating Statistics section.
Via the second method described above, you will find a link to Submit feedback below the feedback summary.
After you click on the submission link, fill out the form as follows:

  • Select if you were the Buyer, Seller, or if this was a Trade
  • Select if the transaction was positive, neutral, or negative
  • Please post a link to the associated Marketplace thread in the Deal Thread URL field
  • Please add a short comment about the transaction. It must be between 10 and 80 characters in length.
  • If you want, you can add a much more detailed description. This info is there for moderator use, and is only visible to the buyer/seller/trader and moderators.
  • Click on the “Submit Reply” link on the lower right.

How many feedbacks can I leave a day?
Starting out, you can leave a maximum of 3 feedback ratings a day. Once you reach a positive score of 5, there is no limit. When the limit is removed, please be responsible and don't flood iTrader with feedback ratings. It makes it harder for mods to review. If this happens, we may revoke your iTrader access.

When giving a feedback score, how long do I have before the system times out and I lose what I'm typing?
You have 5 minutes to enter and submit all the info for a feeback rating.

I made a mistake. Can I edit the feedback I left for someone?
Yes. You have 5 minutes after you have left feedback to go back and change it. After that, it is permanent and the only person who can make any changes is markatisu, who moderates the Trader Review section. Please only contact markatisu for serious feedback matters such as fraudulent feedback. He will not correct mistakes after-the-fact, so make sure your feedback is accurate when you first post it!

How do I edit the feedback within the 5 minute limit?
Use the methods described early on to access that user's Complete Feedback section. Once you are there, you can find the feedback you have left in their All Feedback Received tab. You can click on the Edit/Delete Feedback icon to the right of the transaction description.
If you want to edit the detailed private description that was left for mods, click on the transaction description. There you can Edit the detailed private description that is shared only between you, the other party and the forum mods.

Someone gave me negative feedback. I don't think this is fair. Can I report them?
Much like eBay, feedback is between users. It's up to you to work out a successful transaction that is worthy of positive or neutral feedback. If you still feel the feedback was malicious, false or inappropriate, and you couldn't work it out with the user who left it, you can report it to markatisu. BUT, if you report something and we find out it's because you can't handle negative feedback for something you did wrong, YOU will get into trouble. So make sure you only report something if there's a legitimate reason.

I've read what you said above and I still feel there is a reason to report feedback someone left me. How do I do this?
Visit your Complete Feedback section under your own profile. Access it as described earlier on in this section. To the right of a transaction description, you will see a Report Bad Rating icon. Click on this and enter a description of what you feel is wrong. markatisu will get back in touch with you as soon as he can.

Can I give feedback on past transactions?
Yes, there's no limit. As long as a thread exists for the deal, no matter how old, you can offer feedback on this transaction.

What if I did the transaction via PM and it wasn't based off of a for-sale/wanted-to-buy/trade thread in the Marketplace? Can I leave feedback for this?
No. All transactions for which users leave feedback must be based off of a thread in the Marketplace.

How often can I give the same user feedback?
You can give the same user 1 feedback rating every 24 hours.

Why does the feedback I left/have received have a yellow flag that says "has not submitted a rating for this deal", when there IS a rating left?
iTrader has a few bugs in it. This is one of them. It will probably be fixed in time, so please ignore this particular bug.

I got a PM notice of an iTrader Rating Notification. But when I click on the link I get a weird error with a link. What's going on?
That means the notice was already deleted. Someone may have left feedback, and then changed their mind. Or a mod may have deleted it. So please ignore that error.

Why is there old feedback from approximately 2004 to 2006 then nothing afterwards for years?
During those years, Adam Tyner had created a Trader Review feedback system. It was similar to iTrader but not integrated into the forums. Due to some server changes, the system stopped working and we never repaired it. Thanks to the way Adam setup his system, he was able to import the old feedback into the new iTrader system. That is why those old feedback ratings exist.

How do you know all feedback given is for transactions that took place on the forum?
We'll be monitoring this. Any users found guilty of trading feedback without an actual transaction recorded in the Marketplace will be permanently suspended! So make sure your feedback is real. Trying to pad someone's score is not worth getting banned off the forums. Keep it honest or face the banstick!

Fan Contests

  • The creator must fulfill any prior contest obligations before they may start another contest.
  • An infraction of up to, but no more than, 5 points may be given to to anyone who fails to complete a contest. The number of points assigned will depend on the severity and consequences of the defunct contest.
  • No raffles or entry fee requirements are allowed.
  • Participate at your own risk.

Why does Do That?

Why do you prohibit vulgarity when almost all of the users on these forums are in their 20s and 30s? may be a fan-created site, but a portion of the content legally belongs to Mattel. Mattel even helped us create our Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

Mattel still wishes to keep Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power all-ages brands. That means this site and the forums must prohibit the posting certain content.
It's a legal issue, not a personal issue.

On the plus side, the prohibiting of such content has created a very friendly home for fans of all ages. A lot of people appreciate that they can go to a forum where they don't encounter the adult surroundings of other sites. So it's not all bad.

What are the limitations for users with Gmail/AOL/Yahoo accounts?

Users who have registered for free with a Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo e-mail account:

  • Will need to introduce themselves in the Introductions & Area Fan Club Discussion forum before they are granted access to the rest of the forums 24 hours later.
  • Cannot upload their own avatars and must choose from a set of avatars provided by
  • Will not have access to a custom title after a year.
  • Will have a limited signature (100 characters instead of 400)
  • Will not have a photo album provided by
  • Will have extremely restricted Private Messaging access: only 10 Inbox & Sent Items total.
  • Will not be permitted to engage in transactions in the Marketplace.

If you want full Registered User access to the forum then please read the next Q&A to explain how you can accomplish this.

Why do you not allow access to the forums with other free e-mail accounts?

Constant problems with spammers, scammers, trolls, redundant accounts, and people who come to create trouble resulted in the ban of free e-mail services back in 2002. We're sorry that people like that ruin the fun for others.

We permit registration with e-mails unique to your Internet Service Provider (For example: DSL, cable-modem services, etc.) which will give you full Registered User access to the forum. We also permit e-mails from your place of business, a school if you attend one and military or government establishments. You can register to our forums using any one of those methods, free of charge. These e-mail addresses help us to verify your identity and help us further protect this community from the problems mentioned above.

After almost ten years of not allowing any free e-mail account to register, we loosened this restriction to allow Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo, granting them limited access (see previous question and answer). We do not allow the registration of any other free e-mail account. This includes e-mail addresses from services like, and, which now offer free e-mail services after becoming free portals some time ago.

If you can and will provide proof that you pay for a prohibited e-mail service (like, please let us know and we'll allow your registration with that address. That is preferably a scan/copy of your last month's bill which we can use to verify your active subscription.

We have a couple other solutions that allow you to work around that, which help us to validate your identity and support this site at the same time.

First up and most recommended, we can provide an e-mail service at with which you can register to the forums. For a 30.00 donation, you get a or e-mail address and much more. Click here for further details.

If that is not to your liking, we have a 10.00 donation level that allows you to register with a free e-mail account (details of which are also provided in the above link). But it doesn't have any of the cool perks that the 30.00 donation provides.

For either donation, you must include your Shipping Info with the donation. If you do not, your donation will be refunded.

No matter how you register, you must adhere to all the forum rules, guidelines and regulations. Any violation of those can result in suspension regardless of a prior donation.

My post / thread disappeared! Why did you remove it?
Sometimes a user will post something that either violates the forum rules, belongs in another forum, or already has another thread devoted to the topic. If we moved or merged your thread or post with another topic, you may have to search for it to find where it went.

If you can't find it at all, it may have been deleted because you broke a rule on these forums.
Chances are, if that happened, you've already received a PM telling you what you did wrong, followed by the appropriate disciplinary action. Please don't take it personally. Just be sure to read and follow the rules. But if you aren't notified, and your post is gone, we may have deleted it because it was inappropriate, but didn't feel it was severe enough to warrant a warning via PM.

If you are still curious about what happened to your post, please PM the moderator of that forum. Do not post a thread asking what happened! That will be deleted as well.

Why are links appearing in my post that say they were added by SkimWords?
SkimWords is an advertising program we use on to help raise money to cover site expenses. The program automatically adds store links to key words. Please click on these links if they are of interest to you as it helps this site. Thank you!

Why do you not allow images (blends) or large type in the signatures?
In our experience, we have found signature images (blends) and large type to be distracting and annoying to other users. It disrupts the flow of the thread. We have no plans to introduce signature images (blends), so please do not ask. The only exception is for Ancient Level donations. We feel if someone is going to donate that much money to help this site, they deserve to have an option to add an image to their signature.

Why can't I get my username in color like some of the other users on the forum?
Username color actually denotes a person's role on the forum.
Black is for administrators.
Red is for super moderators.
Green is for regular moderators.
Orange is for Tier 3 donators who have donated $30.00 or more to the forums.
All other users are blue.

Why can't I become a moderator?
Moderators are invite-only. Please do not ask to be a moderator.

When there is a need for a moderator, either because we have created a new position or an older moderator has stepped down, mods and admins discuss who the best candidate is for the job. We usually have a long list, and narrowing it down is difficult.

Why can't I change my username?
By default, you can’t. We prefer that users do not change their username. The reason being is that we don’t want to set precedence that it’s okay to change forum IDs like changing a wardrobe. If we allow for some, we can’t say no to others, so we have to discourage it completely. Your forum ID, even if you now dislike it, is how you are recognized on the forum. Changing it can create confusion. If you are still determined to change your username, you can do so by donating $20.00 to the site. Please click here for more info.

Why can't I upload a larger avatar similar in size to other users?
Larger avatars are granted to users as a "thank you" for their donations. Please click here for more info about how to donate to

What is the page with Ram Man eating cake that comes up whenever I click a link? now employs an automatic warning passthrough for all links to sites outside of this one. It warns the user that is not responsible for content linked to and allows the user to decide whether or not to proceed. Because of this, we are no longer policing links for vulgarity/content. The exception to this are links that are reported by other users due to inappropriate content, links to bootleg/copyright-violating sites or files, and links to pornography or other x-rated material. Please be aware of what content you link to on's forums, and be aware of what links you click on as well.

What is the The Tar Swamp? Why can't I see it?
The Tar Swamp is for discussion of topics of a political, religious, and/or sexual nature. Beware all those who participate as the Tar Swamp is subject to strict rules and guidelines that must be followed. If you agree to these terms and you would like to be able to view and participate in the Tar Swamp forum, please PM TheShadow a request and you will be added to the Tar Swamp user list.

How To Guides

Change the language
The forum's default language is English. If English is not your native language and you wish to see the forum in your desired language, you can change it by following this guide. Remember that when you log-out, the forum will go back to the default language and you'll have to change it again.

Here is how you change the forum language:

Step One: Scroll down to the bottom of any page of the forum.

Step Two: Select your language from the dropdown box on the left-hand side.

You can also permanently set your default language by clicking the Settings link in the upper right-hand of the forums.
After clicking Settings, on the left-hand side there will be a My Settings widget. Under the My Account Heading, click General Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select your language from the Forum Language dropdown box. Make sure to hit the Save Changes button on the right.

NOTE: The only language packs installed are English, Espanol, and Italian. We plan to add more languages but we'll pick them depending of the numbers of request we'll receive for each language. You'll have to provide the administrators a valid link to an official vBulletin Language Pack download site via PM. Please make sure to check that the language pack is available for the current version of the forum software. You can check the version we're running at the moment at the bottom of any page.

How do I report a post?

Click on the Report Post feature of the post you feel has attacked or insulted you. The Report Post link is found at the very bottom of a person's name/avatar/location/post count box, and looks like a little black triangle with an exclamation point down the middle. When you click on it, you will be prompted with a box where you must explain what you feel is wrong with the post you are reporting, followed by a "Send Report" button that you click on. Mods will review the post and take action in a manner they see fitting. You may or may not hear back from the mods about a reported post.

Custom User Title
A custom user text is the phrase that is seen right under your username on the forums. This feature is only available after you have been a forum member for a year. When that option is enabled, here is how you change your user text:

Step One: Click the Settings link in the upper right-hand corner of the forums.

Step Two: On the left-hand side is a My Settings widget. Scroll down to the My Profile heading.

Step Three: Select Edit Profile.

Step Four: Under the Optional Information heading, type in your desired Custom User Title in the appropriate text input box..

Step Five: Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

An avatar is the little picture that appears under your name on the forums.

Step One: Have an image ready that is 85 by 85 pixels or smaller, and is no more than 50 KB in size.

Step Two: Click the Settings link in the upper right-hand corner of the forums.

Step Three: On the left-hand side is a My Settings widget. Scroll down to the My Profile heading.

Step Four: Select Edit Avatar.

Step Five: Click the circle next to Use Custom Avatar.

Step Six: If your avatar is already on a website, enter the URL of the image in the box under "Enter Avatar URL". If your image is on your computer, click the "Browse" or “Choose File” button to locate it on your computer. A window will pop up: select your image and hit "Open" or “Choose”.

Step Seven: Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

To get larger avatars, please check out our Donation options.

Attaching / Posting Images

There may be no more than 10 images in one post. Please do not do back-to-back posts of images. Instead, upload your images to your photo album and give URL links to them in the thread.

To attach an image in your new post:

1. Click the Manage Attachments button for your thread/post. If you do not see the Manage Attachments button, click the Go Advanced button to reveal more options.

2. In the new pop up window, click the Add Files button in the upper right.

3. Click the Select Files button. This will let you browse your computer to find the image you wish to attach. Repeat this process to attach multiple images.

4. The file names of the images you want to attach will be shown in the window. Once you are ready to upload, click the Upload Files button.

5. Your attachments will automatically be put in the Attachments section and will be check marked and highlighted in blue. If you wish to add any previous image uploads to this post, drag the image down to the Attachments area.

6. Click the Insert Inline button in the lower right. This will automatically insert your images in to your post. Click Done and then submit your thread/post.

Note: If you have an image that is already on a website, you put the URL of the image between the two IMG tags.

How To Guide: Searching
Before you post, please use the SEARCH feature. If you cannot find a post or thread you created, use the SEARCH feature to find it.

To get the most of the search feature, click on the Advanced Search in the upper right.
You will see two tabs for the search:
Search Multiple Content Types
Search Single Content Types

You should start out on the Single Content by default which lets you search through things like posts from individual users, forum sections, tags, etc.
If not, and you find yourself on the Multiple Content tab, you most likely want to change to the Single Content tab.

Also, the forums now let you search for character names like Mer-Man.
To do that, you have to search for hyphenated words. You would type:
"mer man"
Using that space will get you hyphenated word results like Mer-Man.
You can play with other string combinations to fine tune your searching.