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Thread: RESULTS from Round 1, Poll 1 of the 2016 MOTUC Beast Selection Playoffs!

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    RESULTS from Round 1, Poll 1 of the 2016 MOTUC Beast Selection Playoffs!

    Thank you to everyone who has voted and be sure to vote in the Round 1, Poll 2!

    339 fans voted in poll 1. The results are listed below, ranked from most popular at the top to least popular at the bottom. The top 10 goes on to Round 2.

    Round 1, Poll 1

    1. Mantisaur (MOTU toy)
    2. Spydor (MOTU toy)
    3. Bionotops (MOTU toy)
    4. Dragoon (Filmation)
    5. Tyrannosaurus Rex (MOTU toy)
    6. Serpos (200x cartoon)
    7. Molkrom (Filmation)
    8. Sleetah (MVCreations comic)
    9. Centaur Cosmic Enforcer (MOTUC Mini-Comic)
    10. Gigantasaur (vintage MOTU/POG gigantic prototype)
    11. Belzar (200x Giant)
    12. Gorgone (Brazilian MOTU comic)
    13. Chazdar (200x Giant)
    14. Shadow Wing (Filmation)
    15. Haramesh (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    16. Storm (POP toy)
    17. Manticore (Filmation)
    18. Sh'Gora (Filmation)
    19. Daimar the Demon (Filmation)
    20. Sleeping Beast (Filmation)
    21. Mother Dragon (200x cartoon)
    22. Grimalkin (Filmation)
    23. Terrortread (NA toy)
    24. Enchanta (POP toy)
    25. Clawdeen (U-matics POP Vintage Prototype)
    26. Ice Hacker (Filmation version)
    27. Custar (centaur-like warrior with rhino hindquarters - vintage MOTU concept)
    28. Silver Storm (POP toy)
    29. Craven / Battle-Bird (SOH)
    30. Star Wind (Filmation)
    31. King Unicorn (Filmation)
    32. Winter (Filmation)
    33. Morgoth the Terrible (Filmation)
    34. Queen of the Magicats (Filmation)
    35. Gygor (red variation)
    36. Green Granamyr (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    37. Pretty Kitty (Filmation)


    This round lasts two weeks and has one poll each week. There are almost 40 beasts in each poll and the top 10 from each poll moves on! Who will make it to Round 2?!? You decide!

    Poll 1

    Here is the visual character guide.

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    The polls are sorting polls. Each person will click, drag, and rank the characters in order from most favorite at the top down to least favorite at the bottom. All polls load the character list in random order each time for each person to minimize any effects of any incomplete sorting... although we hope each person will sort the entire list in each poll!

    Scott has let us know that Mattel will be watching the results of this unofficial fan poll playoff!

    This second week ends Sunday, May 11th at 11:00pm EDT (GMT -4).
    Please spread the word. And, most importantly, have fun!
    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2023, America's Mightiest Toy Convention!
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    Just finished sorting mine. My Top 3 are:

    1. Centaur Cosmic Enforcer
    2. Bionatops
    3. Serpos
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    Top 10.

    1. MOLKRUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Spydor
    3. Mantisaur
    4. Centaur Cosmic Enforcer
    5. Serpos
    6. Bionotops
    7. Custar
    8. Dragoon
    9. Gigantisaur
    10. Sleetah

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    I'm going to need some time to ponder and research some on this one before I vote.

    In just looking through the visuals, though, I noticed that there was a 200x Mother Dragon listed with a visual that was clearly not the 200x Mother Dragon.

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    My top 10 are

    Clawdeen {U-Matics Prototype}
    Pretty Kitty
    Queen of the Magicats
    Does Galactus fart?

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    I dread to think how much some of these would cost if they ever do get made (through Mattycollector)

    Anyway, my top 10...

    01 Spydor (MOTU toy)
    02 Dragoon (Filmation)
    03 Haramesh (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    04 Daimar the Demon (Filmation)
    05 Molkrom (Filmation)
    06 Bionotops (MOTU toy)
    07 Gorgone (Brazilian MOTU comic)
    08 Centaur Cosmic Enforcer (MOTUC Mini-Comic)
    09 Tyrannosaurus Rex (MOTU toy)
    10 Ice Hacker (Filmation version)
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    1: Tyrantisaurus Rex
    2: Bionatops
    3: Gigantasaur
    4: Terrortread
    5: Molkrom
    6: Dragoon
    7: Mantisaur
    8: Sleeping Beast
    9: Enchanta
    10: Shadow Wing
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    Is this Clawdeen a different version than the regular Clawdeen? Is regular Clawdeen included in the next poll? Thanks
    Awesome sticker included!

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    Here's my 10 most wanted.

    1) Molkrom: Filmation

    2) Daimar The Demon: Filmation

    3) Sleeping Beast: Filmation

    4) Shadow Wing: Filmation

    5) Dragoon: Filmation

    6) Queen Of Maigicats: Filmation ( also can be used for Catra's Filmation panther form )

    7) Haramesh: MOTU Mini Comic

    8) Mantisaur: MOTU Toy

    9) Centaur Cosmic Enforcer: MOTUC Mini Comic

    10) Sleeta: MVCreations Comic
    So Glad Super7 has the Thundercats Lic. Looking forward to all they have to offer.

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    Top 5:
    Storm (POP toy)
    Mantisaur (MOTU toy)
    Gorgone (Brazilian MOTU comic)
    Dragoon (Filmation)
    Bionotops (MOTU toy)

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    Go ABC Giants!!!!
    Buzz-Off needs his arch enemies, the Council of Evil needs to be complete and all of the Vintage giants are out of the way...

    I'll take Gorgone too!

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    Dragoon all the way followed by Mantisaur
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    This is going to be an interesting poll...
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    Argh...I'm finding it very difficult to pit steeds/vehicles against large characters.
    Some remaining WANTS:
    Kittrina (Classics-detailed), Lady Slither, Garth, Master Sebrian, Skeleteen, Kay-La, (comic)Garn, Meliac, Sagitar, Melog, Spirit of Evil, Artilla, Drissi, Caz, Grot, Melaktha, Scrollos, Hunga, Rajar, Bubblor, Songster, Red Beast, Zed, NA Sorceress, Staghorn, Col. Blast, Fright Zone, Slime Pit, and many more.

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    1) Spydor
    2) Mantisaur
    3) Bionatops
    4) Tyrantisaurus Rex
    5) Gigantisaur
    6) Enchanta
    7) Storm
    8) Sleetah
    9) Red Gygor
    10) Terrotread

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    go big dinosaurs!

    and Clawdeen and Enchanta... (though I guess REAL Clawdeen's not in this particular poll... she's so ludicrous I just have to have her...)

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    Don't forget to support Stridor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdultCollector View Post
    He's not in this poll. All the awesome stuff is in poll 2 unfortunately. I guess this means some really awesome beasts will lose in round 1 although they would have moved on if they were in poll 1, which doesn't include too many fan favourites. I think.

    What an awesome custom! I wonder if an official release even would be that big and look that awesome
    Who made this custom?
    Awesome sticker included!

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    This was fairly thought provoking and kind of hard to do. But the top of the list was a no-brainer. Mantisaur is my second most wanted beast/steed/oversize piece behind Stridor. I kind of like the idea of Enchanta but am having a hard time voting that over cool monsters like Molkrom..

    Here's how it ended up:
    1. Mantisaur
    2. Spydor
    3. Centaur Cosmic Enforcer
    4. Manticore
    5. Craven
    6. Dragoon
    7. Sleetah
    8. Molkrom
    9. Morgoth
    10. Terror Tread

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    Biggest opportunity ever to me;
    i mean vintage beasts (as well as a few others related to the most popular motu medias)haunt my nights for weeks and weeks now.
    So without further ado, laid in the middle of pop corn n' candies, here-we-go :

    Mantisaur (MOTU toy)
    Bionotops (MOTU toy)
    Tyrannosaurus Rex (MOTU toy)
    Spydor (MOTU toy)
    Molkrom (Filmation)
    Serpos (200x cartoon)
    Clawdeen (U-matics POP Vintage Prototype)
    Haramesh (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    Gigantasaur (vintage MOTU/POG gigantic prototype)
    Sleeping Beast (Filmation)

    I thought dinos were really necessary to bring some new dimension to the classics line as for Serpos, can you imagine??Big Snake displayed next to our
    beloved vintage ones,and a possible Lady Slither?..
    Spydor??Anyways, i guess its shape speaks well enough for itself which may explain why it's on this poll.
    Haramesh, just "WOW" 80's mini-comics Beast category/faction could not be represented better than a creature like him.
    Molkrom, probably the coolest monster Filmation has created + we have no centaur yet to add on our yearning shelves.
    Sleeping Beast, we have a small one,and we,obviously ask for more !!

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    I hope Sorroful makes it on to the next list

    He's a funny character.

    Storm and Silver Storm were my top two.

    Molkrom was high up too!
    A Want List
    Mini Comic Tri-Klops, Toy costume Catra, Enchantress, Kayo, Joya, Lt. Andra, Storm, Twiggets, Melaktha, Spirit, Kothos, Master Sebrian, Scrollos, 200X Sorceress, King Miro. Filmation: Adora, Marzo, Leech, Entrapta, Glimmer, Bow, Catra w/ Cat Form, Mermista, Moss Man, Kobra Khan, Whiplash, Multi-Bot

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    Not too many that I really want from Poll 1.
    MOST WANTED: Filmation Whiplash, Filmation Ram Man, Filmation Two-Bad, Filmation Buzz-Off, Filmation Sy-Klone, Ice Armor He-Man

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    My top 10 from this poll:

    Molkrom (Filmation)
    Mantisaur (MOTU toy)
    Haramesh (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    Gorgone (Brazilian MOTU comic)
    Chazdar (200x Giant)
    Belzar (200x Giant)
    Dragoon (Filmation)
    Sleetah (MVCreations comic)
    Storm (POP toy)
    Mother Dragon (200x cartoon)
    Coming straight out of Preternia, tribal chieftess and the original WARRIOR GODDESS, SHARELLA!!!

    Sharella needs her day in Classics. She is the only remaining vintage POG character that needs a figure.
    Support Sharella for Collectors Choice!

    My top 5 wants for MOTUC: Sharella, Hunga the Harpy, Sagitar, Snake Goddess & Red Beast

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    Bionotops and Molkrom please!!
    Harken the coming of Dragstor!!

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