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Thread: Grayskull Robot/spacesuit: Full action figure version w/ A-frame weapon rack

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    Grayskull Robot/spacesuit: Full action figure version w/ A-frame weapon rack

    So, here's a thought: a full action figure version of the Grayskull robot (probably with Trap Jaw legs again). Cool, but the best part are his accessories: a Grayskull rifle (re-use from Webstor's rifle) AND the A-frame weapon rack that was a cardboard insert from the 1980s CG.

    It looked like the small A-frame weapon's rack was due to come with the MotUC CG since all the other cardboard inserts got the full plastic 3-D treatment AND since most of the weapons from that rack were included with CG. So, this would be a great way to get it out there and have the full action figure of the Grayskull robot. I say it's a win-win!
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    The New minicomic "fall of eternia" there is a character named jetpack which is Just that. He is a defender of Trolla, along with Netta, Compactor, Eyebeam, Hans Hammer Holder, Man Crystal, Robowomen, and Brainwave. Check it out

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    If they made a Jetpak figure, I would hope the helmet is big enough to fit most heads and I would replace the stand in my current CG with the new figure. Jetpak would not be part of my canon, is it would just be Grayskull armor, but any warrior such as MAA, He-Man and Clamp Champ could wear the Grayskull armor.
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    A frame weapon rack (which I made but) would like an official version of.

    Since they used this design in the newest minicomic maybe they want to make this a "real character" and do a fig, maybe someday possibly.

    I'd get it, sure why not?

    However if I do not, no tears for me.

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    Here's hoping! I would LOVE to get the A-frame weapons rack for Grayskull as a pack in! Was more disappointed that got cut more than anything else (other than the original size, of course!). Was very excited to see JetPack as a character in "Fall of Eternia" and the idea of packing the smaller weapons rack in is brilliant! Sign me up and take my money, already!

    Wouldn't it be great if we could get the cut shields and candle holder, maybe even books for Castle Grayskull packed in with these new mini comic characters to help them sell? Netta would HAVE to cone with the dungeon grate for me to buy her. Sorry, she's a little lame. :P
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    I'll take Jet Pak AND the rack!
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    Hate the name Jet Pack but I want the figure. If we get him, I'll be removing any head beneath the helmet because to me it was never a character. It was a space-suit.

    Definitely want the A-Frame rack with weapons.

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