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Thread: What would you do if you made a He-Man movie?

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    What would you do if you made a He-Man movie?

    So I had this idea while chatting with MegaGearMax in the org chatroom and this is it.

    Just pretend that some Hollywood execs have approached you to write a He-Man film and they want to hear your take on it, well that is what this thread is about.

    This is mine

    I would just like to say I am condensing this movie quite a lot so it may seem short but really I see it running about 3 – 3.5 hours so it's not.

    As for tone, well it may seem like a dark movie when you read it but I think the closest movie I could think of that has the same tone I see for this movie is the John Carter film. Yes it has it's big dramatic and emotional moments but it is still bright and colorful.


    The movie opens with a narration telling of a powerful artifact named the “Ram Stone” which was capable of shattering any barrier. Deemed too powerful for any one to have it was broke into many parts and shared out amongst the leaders of the different races with a solemn promise that the parts would never be reunited again.

    We then cut to He-Man and friends locked in battle with the evil forces of Skeletor outside of Castle Grayskull with He-Man and Skeletor locked in mortal combat. The battle comes to an abrupt end when an attack by Skeletor results in him falling into the chasm surrounding the castle to his supposed demise. The other villains seeing the leader fall immediately turn tail and flee. The heroes themselves return (with great fan fare) to a massive party to celebrate the final defeat of Skeletor except for He-Man who, unable to deal with the fact that he had “killed” someone, had stayed to return the Sword of Power to the Sorceress.

    Randor and the Council (made of the current leaders of the different races of Eternia) send a group warriors led by Man-At-Arms to Snake Mountain to finally capture the fleeing villains. But upon arrival they find it empty.

    Weeks of searching continues but there are no signs of the Skeletor's evil warriors. They have simply vanished.

    With Skeletor now dead and his warriors now long gone goodness has finally prevailed and peace has finally come to Eternia.

    We fast forward four years.

    Apart from a few mild skirmishes that are easily quashed by the Royal Guards and everyone wondering what happened to He-Man who has neve been seen since that fateful day, Eternia is still basically at peace and everyone is living a happy and fulfilling life. The various masters have moved on with their lives, either getting new jobs or returning to their old ones before they were called to help fight Skeletor and everyone is just very happy.

    All except Adam. Something tells him that this is merely the calm before the storm, something big is brewing and that this era of peace is making everyone too soft and unprepared.

    Then on the anniversary of Skeletor's defeat it is decided to hold a grand ball at the palace and everyone is invited to attend.

    The party is in full swing, all the heroes are there from Teela and Man-At-Arms to Man-E-Faces, Sy-Klone, Mekaneck, Roboto etc etc and everyone is having a good time and remembering the old days and thanking the long missing He-Man for this time of peace.

    Adam is then contacted by the Sorceress, she tells him that some unknown force has broke through the protective barrier of Zalesia where part of the fabled “Ram Stone” resides. She asks Adam and Man-At-Arms to head over there and investigate. When she sees them leaving the party Teela naturally decides to accompany them despite their assurances that she would not be needed. Cringer is also dragged along even though it is clear that he would much rather sleep beneath one of the many banquet tables then head off an another adventure after all this time.

    Taking one of the Wind Raiders they soon reach the old city. They find it deserted, the magical barrier has indeed been breached and the Ram Stone piece is gone

    It is then that the attacks start to occur.

    Back at the party Man-E-Faces and Orko are just Reports come in from the various races, (the Caligars, Speleans, Avions, Andreenids etc), that they have just come under a surprise attack by Skeletor's evil warriors. Panic spreads as armies led by evil warriors such as Beast Man, Mer-Man, Trap-Jaw, Triklops, Jitsu, Ninjor spread out across Eternia from the Mystic Mountains to the Evergreen Forest across the burning Sands of Time and over the vast oceans of the planet.

    Meanwhile Kobra Kahn, Clawful, Whiplash, Spikor, Webstor and Two-Bad venture deep into the deepest pits of Subternia, home of the Caligars and Speleans.

    Naturally the different heroes start rushing off to defend their homes while the others either go to help those most in need, everyone but Fisto, Roboto, Mekaneck and Clamp Champ who stay behind to help guard the palace. All the while wondering how they managed to get caught off guard so badly.

    It is lucky that they do as it is now that we witness the largest army of all, easily twice the size of all the others combined, marching upon the Eternos Palace. (think of the battle of Minas Tirith in LOTR and you get the idea of the numbers).

    A seemingly endless amount of warriors attack on foot as countless more ride atop a host of Night Stalkers. These are met on the battlefield by the Palace Guards some of whom ride out to war on their trusty Stridors.

    Sky Sleds, Wind Raiders, Dragons and Gryphons fight for dominion of the sky.

    Battle Rams and Attak Traks face off against Rotons and Spydors

    While Giants, good and bad, make the very earth tremble as they face off in this battle royale.

    The palace is overrun and there is just panic everywhere.

    Meanwhile over at the kingdoms of the other races the heroic warriors manage to beat back the enemy but always too late to stop the villains getting a hold of yet another part of the Ram Stone who had used magical runes to teleport them to an unknown destination..

    By now Adam, Teela and Man-At-Arms have heard of the attacks and are speeding their way back to the Palace.

    Adam grabs a sword and valiantly tries to fight his way to his parents, but the enemy numbers are too great and the furthest Adam can get to is the Ball Room where the guests who were not combatants cower in fear. Orko is also there trying his best to keep everyones spirits up by doing magic tricks, but it is painfully obvious that the little Trollan is just as afraid of everyone else.

    Pleased to see Adam Orko gives the prince a big hug before pulling him away into a side room where he asks him if it wouldn't be a good idea if He-Man was to finally return.

    Adam agrees but points out that he left the sword with the Sorceress at Castle Grayskull and that it would take a miracle to even get out of the palace alive let alone make it all the way over there.

    All seems lost until Orko takes off his hat, his face revealed for the briefest of moments, and pulls the Sword of Power out of it. A flashback to when Adam gave the sword back to the Sorceress after he believed his actions had resulted in the death of Skeletor shows that she had secretly asked Orko to keep hold of it as she knew that the day would come when he would need it.

    Pleased to be reunited with his sword again, Adam, for the first time in four years, calls upon the power of Grayskull and once more Adam becomes He-Man just as Cringer becomes the mighty Battle-Cat.

    With He-Man and Battle-Cat leading the charge the remaining heroes and the royal guards are able to fight back and drive the evil army away.

    It is in this time of panic that Skeletor makes his appearance. Of course the Skull-faced Sorcerer is not dead and has spent the last four years amassing the biggest evil army that Eternia has faced in a very very long time. But still his interest lies with Castle Grayskull, all the other attacks have just been a massive diversion.

    Accompanied by Evil-Lyn, Panthor and Count Marzo, the overlord of destruction heads for Grayskull to finally claim victory, the reassembled Ram Stone in his grasp.

    Of course the sorceress manages to put up a magical barrier to keep the 3 evil magic users out. However the Sorceress knows that even with the magic of the castle powering the barrier it will only be a matter of time before the Ram Stone breaks it down. She puts out a psychic call to He-Man to come to her aid.

    Jumping astride his faithful Battle-Cat, He-Man rushes off to help the Sorceress. He is followed by Man-At-Arms and Teela in the attack-track and we finally get to the final battle outside of the Castle.

    The fight is long and arduous, Teela and Man-At-Arms fight side by side against the combined force of Evil-Lyn and Marzo. Fur flies and claws scratch as Battle-Cat and Panthor attack each other with all they have and amidst all of this He-Man and Skeletor face off for the first time in four years.

    Eventually the heroic warriors triumph, the Ram Stone is destroyes and Skeletor is finally defeated.

    Teela asks He-Man if he is ever going to vanish again and he assures her that he will always be there to help when the need arises

    Once again peace returns to Eternia.

    (now this part I would probably do mid credits)

    Meanwhile Kobra Kahn, who had been part of the attack on Subternia (the home of the Caligars and Speleans) and had simply vanished finds himself in a large underground room filled with various statues and tapestries with a very very distinct Snake motif.

    On each side of the room, nestled up against the walls are sarcophagi and there is yet another right at the end all by itself. It looks very old and is covered in dust and cobwebs and grime.

    Kahn opens it and inside is a human looking man. Apart from a layer of dust and a few webs he basically looks like he has only just climbed in it, he looks as fresh as a daisy. It is then that his eyes open and they are the unmistakable eyes of a serpent.

    The screen goes black as we hear the ominous sound of a rattle...


    Well that is what my MOTU movie would be, so lets see yours.
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