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Thread: Karsack In MOTUC

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    Karsack In MOTUC

    Well i just want to support these 2 new Cosmic enforcers as they are cool additions to the mythos of MOTU. The Equinos's people seem to be a great fit as cosmic Enforcers, in that they are incredibly strong. I suspect that he is an incredibly easy figure to make as a custom, If we ever get a Sagitar figure, just throw cosmic enforcer armor and Zodac head on and we have. I like the inclusion of Zodaks mace as a weapon, although it takes away from the exclusivity of the weapon away, but if anyone remembers, Zodak had a weapons rack in his mountain fortress, maybe the cosmic enforcers are able to choose which weapons they want to use from that rack, as Zanthor was shown using Zodaks Classics staff. Very slim chance of getting him now.

    zodacs mace.jpg
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    oh to be sure it is cool. But frankly the only way I would want to see this happen, and this is a great idea as far as I am concerned (obviously) but to have these new Cosmic Enforcers in an eventual "Son of He-Man" line, which I hope so very strongly is the new direction after MOTUC.

    That seems like the likely intention, no?

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    Would love to see these in MOTUC at some point. The cosmic enforcers could use some more members.

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    Sagitar first... then we can talk about this guy.
    Harken the coming of Dragstor!!

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    Make Sagitar first, then reuse his buck for that Cosmic Enforcer.
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