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Thread: Levitha in MOTUC

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    Levitha in MOTUC

    The second new enforcer we are introduced to in the Fall of Eternia mini comic was Levitha, a female of the same species as Saurod. Its intreasting to note that she is armed with the same gun that Saurod came with, not one of the enforcer guns or other enforcer weapons (staff mace). Also something interesting to note, in the pic, Zanthor has clawed feet, like the orignal Zodac, Does something happen to you when you become a cosmic Enforcer that causes you to have clawed feet? Any way I think this is an easy character to make as We are defintily getting a Saurod figure and could use that skinny buck to create her as well.

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    oh to be sure it is cool. But frankly the only way I would want to see this happen, and this is a great idea as far as I am concerned (obviously) but to have these new Cosmic Enforcers in an eventual "Son of He-Man" line, which I hope so very strongly is the new direction after MOTUC.

    That seems like the likely intention, no?

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