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Thread: Imaginext MOTU Design

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    Imaginext MOTU Design

    Check this out guys. This is just some concept art work I did to show what's possible if Fisher Price actually made any of these. One more thing is you guys would like to help the cause to get Imaginext MOTU please go to, serch for Masters of the Universe Imaginext, and vote. You'll need to sign up and it only takes a few minutes. Please Fisher Price is listening but we need every vote we can get. Thanks and Happy 4th of July to all!!!
    imaginext heman vs superman pack.jpeg
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    Fisher-Price? Do you mean the baby toy manufacturer Fisher-Price, dcdadcollects?
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    Weird...dcdad, did you know something very similar to your mockup is now appearing in a search for news about imaginext at toy fair 2016?

    Could this be FOR REAL?

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