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Thread: Pixel Dan's Gwildor Review

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    Pixel Dan's Gwildor Review

    Thanks so much PD!!

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    Great figure, I just don't understand why that extra Cosmic Key... Exellent review like always Dan, Thanks for sharing!
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    Cool. Bit sad about the lack of articulation but amazing looking for sure.
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    Great Review as always !

    I agree with Dan. I do feel that the Final Cosmic Key fits much better on Gwildor than the lager one. I guess the proto version will only work with standard or larger MOTUC figures.
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    I can't believe just how great this figure came out. I was never a big fan of Gwildor but I'm really looking forward to this guy.

    I also really like the large cosmic key. I think of it as more of a freestanding piece than an accessory to be carrying around. I think it'll look great as part of a New Adventures display. It may also fit into the hole in the floor of Castle Grayskull.

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    He looks awesome. $35 is a lot for Gwildor, but he is crazily detailed.

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    Outside of joke characters like Mo-larr, I have to say this is a rare case where I can't stand a MOTUC figure. Not a fan of the character to begin with, but more importantly the super-detailed & realistic sculpt style just does fit in with the rest of the line. More like in belongs with LOTR movie figures or something.

    Second, the giant cosmic key is probably the biggest waste of tooling that has come with a figure. We already have 2 other cosmic keys, one of which even came with this figure. So many other things those resources could have gone to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KelvAcos View Post
    Great figure, I just don't understand why that extra Cosmic Key... Exellent review like always Dan, Thanks for sharing!
    The extra "prototype" Cosmic Key looks to me to be a reference to the unproduced large scale Cosmic Key from the vintage line:

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    It's funny when people use the term "super detailed" as a negative thing, no matter your reasons.

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    Wow, this figure looks incredible! I love the extra detailing. It's never bothered me that some characters look cartoony and some extra detailed. In reality different people, races and species do look very different and diverse. I actually prefer Razz and Gwildor looking very different and unique from each other.
    Slight lack of articulation isn't a problem, I never imagined Gwildor doing ninja kicks and back flips.

    My only gripe is that he can't hold things in both hands. It would have been nice for him to hold the Cosmic key and his staff in both hands at once. Seems a silly choice to only give him one gripping hand.

    I still don't see why the prototype cosmic key needs to be so big or the packaging for that matter. I'd have rather he come with his grappling hook instead of the over sized cosmic key.
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    oh my word ... this figure is STUNNING!!!

    im simply amazed at how '87 movie accurate he is, he looks exactly like billy barty! ... it makes me wonder if blade could have been that extra bit more akin in likeness to anthony de longis?? ... still, an amazing figure ...

    im still stunned how we've even got a movie accurate gwildor in 2014 ... it's crazy!!!

    thanks dan for the review
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodster6 View Post
    Wow, this figure looks incredible! I love the extra detailing. It's never bothered me that some characters look cartoony and some extra detailed. In reality different people, races and species do look very different and diverse. I actually prefer Razz and Gwildor looking very different and unique from each other.
    I agree with this, the line is so expansive and huge anyway with no set theme putting them altogether, no-one looks out of place.

    The figure looks a total win for me, yes the oversize key could have been cut or made smaller, but its all cool. I love how Gwildor turned out.
    Great review Dan
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    What a beautifully executed figure! So much detail and the extra Cosmic Key is nice, as is his staff! REALLY looking forward to this guy! Thanks for another great review Dan!!
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    I have no interest in him whatsoever. Detailing is good, but he's never been a character I can ever get excited for.
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    Great review Dan, he's pretty awesome! Now, didja happen to get a Battle Ram to show us?
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    Good replacement for Orko. Fits the same role but doesn't look like a floating t-shirt.

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    Gwildor is awesome! He was one of my favorite characters, and I love how he turned out. I wish they would have thrown in a bucket of Robbie’s Ribs with him, though. His likeness to Billy Barty’s Gwildor is spot on.

    One other note: I don’t get where people say that Blade doesn’t really resemble Anthony Delongis. It’s not spot on, but it looks a lot like him.
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    Yeah, he's a silly character but totally cool and part of the entire myth, he's very well established in the fandom I guess. To clarify, blade, sarurod and gwildor are enough personally, I dont need any other figure based on the 87 movie.

    whatever another masterpiece by 4h and mattel indeed, I love this type of fantasy characters, I'm all for his inclusion in future projects / media / film /comics
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    Gwildor is just the type of figure i love seeing in the classics, he is vintage, he's unique, he's awesomely detailed!

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    Great figure, but I do find myself agreeing that he might look out of place with some of the other figures. I think that is just the way of things though with this line and it isn't a huge deal to me. I do think I would have rather seen the budget for the giant key go on something else though.

    Great review as ever Dan.
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    I was never a fan of the horrible movie. I never liked Gwildor when I was a kid....I don't like him now. I'm still not liking how expensive he is, either. Yeah......I hate Gwildor!

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    He's gorgeous!!

    I've always loved Gwildor. I really didn't fall in love with the MOTU movie until years later but I always thought Gwildor was a great character that added some variety to the line. He's also one of the few vintage characters I never had as a child.

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    Thanks for the review Dan. Gwildor looks decent. It's too bad about the oversized packaging and I think also the prototype cosmic key, but other than that he turned out not too bad looking.

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    I HATE it! I think GWILDOR should of course be made into a MOTUC figure, But NOT into a super detailed 200x-like & horribly out of place Unnamed One (Which I aslo HATE & resent having to buy him x4 w/ my Subs!)

    I REFUSE to buy x4 OVERPRICED Gwildor figs, I'm moving my x2 Quaterly subs to a reloadable credit card w/ NO balance for the last quarter & should of done it for last quarter to but I forgot.....& this is NOT unfair to Matty since I ONLY ordered x2 Club Eternia 2014 subs BUT the cleared (omitted) x2 Monthly subs re-appeared in my cart AFTER completing purchase of my x2 Quaterly subs to save S/H. DR & Matty wouldn't let me cancel the 3rd & 4th unwanted subs altho I called immediately when it happened & called over 2 dozen times complaining & asking them to remove them WAY before the sub drive was even over. There is NO WAY I can make money back on the 3rd & 4th NA Skele, Flogg, Flutterina, Eldor, Rio Blast, & EESPECIALLY OVERPRICED GWILDOR.

    I actually don't get why some people can not understand how some of us have a negative opinion of OVERLY DETAILED MOTUC figures. To US that share this feeling, they are a WASTE as the do not aesthetically match the rest of the line! Again, to us. I actually never saw the MOTU live-action movie as I hit puberty them & abandoned the MOTU Vintage line w/out ever getting Saurod, Snake Face, Blade or GWILDOR.....which is the only 1 of those figures I ever saw in the store, & he wasn't selling well.

    I was looking forward to an closer to Vintage GWILDOR. He doesn't look remotely related to almost the whole line. Look at him next to He-Man, Skeletor, Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops, Ram-Man ect. I though Blade was a little overly detailed, but not jarring in comparison to 95% of the line. I also think he & the Unnamed One stick out like a sore thumb & look like they belong to a NEW Super-Detailed & realistic MOTU line yet to be rel;eased. The fact this figure is $35 + S/H is ridiculous. No reason to gouge us. He's the same price as a BEAST in essentials, & yes I realize he's a 100% NEW the staff & repainted cosmic key, less sculpted & therefore painted extra details, & 1 less ridiculous "Prototype key" that Scott probably thought would be keen & super cool has caused my excitement for my 1st GWILDOR figure ever to turn to regretting having to buy him (at the inflated price that is)!

    I also thinkj some of the Filmation figures were too cartoony 7 needed that MOTUC edge the early vintage MOTUC figures had such as the washes/over spray. But, cartoony Fang Man & Strong Army blend WAY WAY better than the UNO & GWILDOR IMHO.

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    Plenty of uber-detailed characters in the line already, and not just the 200x ones. Fisto, Jitsu, even Ram Man...heck, go take a good look at Beast Man. Mer-Man may have smooth skin, but the rest of him is detailed to the max.
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