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Thread: Gwildor Arrival

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    What a great improvement
    he was probably put on diet over the last 30 years LOL

    anyway vintage gwildor its still a solid figure and unfortunately very hard to find on ebay
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    Got my Gwildor today; I held off on his shipping to have him shipped w/ this month's gems.
    Obviously his sculpt is insane, and his accessories are killer. I think I'll have to pick up PTE He-Man cosmic key from the secondary market, as I'd like to have them all. But these ones are nice. Imagine if the prototype version was electronic, lit up and played the tones from the film (wishful thinking, but it's fun to think about).

    I wish his articulation was better as it's pretty terrible, and he has the bobblehead, but otherwise this is what I would have expected from a Gwildor figure. I've always liked Gwildor, so it's nice to add him to the collection.

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    I bought Gwildor for my vintage display. Aside from being cheaper than a mint original and easier to find in better condition, Gwildor has a distinct look in the film that the vintage toy barely matches. It's the right idea but not the right look. Yes, it is the minicomic version but having read a scan of it he's really only seen in full on the front cover and barely does anything in the issue. No doubt based on an early concept drawing than the final film version.

    The accessories are far better. That weird wand that they called the cosmic key? Like the vintage figure, it may be based on early concept ideas because it only resembles the final version in the most basic sense. This time we get an actual staff, a proper large cosmic key and a redeco of the new handheld one that Preternia He-Man came with. Admittedly the large key isn't accurate to the movie prop, it's mostly there but small details and colors are off, but this may be due to legal garbage over the movie, the 4H could have done it exact if they wanted to. Notably the forks are like normal tuning forks instead of asymmetrical & pointed, and are red.

    Kind of expensive they sold it as an oversized deluxe? Maybe, but it only recycled one accessory and is mostly new parts(some common connector bits may be reused in the body), new parts they aren't going to be able to reuse for anyone else. And it's got cheap now on eBay, I paid $30 shipped for MOSC. I could have got one for $20 loose but the seller was set to "away".

    I like the figure, even as someone who thinks the movie has problems. Might I get a vintage one? Sure, if I find one in mostly mint shape but it had a lot of paint apps, including a painted face(Caucasian skin tones are rather hard to patch for touch-ups, I will not touch so much as a nose-rubbed King Hiss, i will pay extra for figures with undamaged face paints), and that makes it much harder to find without wear. It's one of the exception cases, like Orko, Ram-Man or others, that I make for vintage collecting because the original toy either scales poorly, is hard to find mint or is too expensive.

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