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Thread: Roton in MOTUC - with MattyCollector photos

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    Roton in MOTUC - with MattyCollector photos

    One of my favorite vehicles as a kid was the Roton. The monster eyes, black and red colors, and rotating blades, this thing was a monster machine! And we definitely need an Evil Warrior vehicle!

    So, who wants to see the awesome Roton in Masters of the Universe Classics?


    MOTUC photos:

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    Oh please oh please oh please.

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    Exactly... It would be expensive.

    BUT... You never know... We might see it.
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    The Slime Pit
    I want it. BAD!!!

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    I'd be quite happy to get this one.
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    I'll take one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by racer x View Post
    I'll take one!
    SO WOULD I!!!! Seriously, we need this vehicle!

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    Definitely the first Villain vehicle I want. Sure, the snakehead Jet Sled is the first, but it doesnt count really.

    I was holding out it could happen ever since the wind raider. Full on expected it to be next, if there were a next, actually.

    With this figure+vehicle just who would we get with it? Maybe an Evil Lyn with a new costume? More 200x style? I dont particularly want that myself since the Battleground Evil Lyn does what I need from a 200x variant already. That would be a major selling point though right? All they'd have to do is make a new costume. Maybe new boots?

    Anyway just spitballing. Yes I'd happily have the roton as the only other vehicle in this line. I was so certain it was comming after it being heavily depicted on the Windraider box.

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    I'd love to see this vehicle in MOTUC!

    I know it seems unlikely at this point but given it features on the Wind Raider box and the recent MOTU DC comics, I do hold out hope.

    Question is, should it come as a straight vintage toy update, or also have a roof as per the DC Comics interpretation?

    The Roton, Attak Trak and the Collector are the vehicles I most want to see for MOTUC at this point.

    And if a warrior has to come with the Roton, I'd rather an army builder such as 200x Slime Mutant/Bone Monster or a MVC Skeleton warrior. If push came to shove, I'd even accept a goblin warrior (in case we ever get General Tataran).
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    A removable roof to mimic the old model kit would be cool.

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    I would love a Roton. The Villain's are badly outnumbered when it comes to transportation.

    I'd like to see a figure packed in as well, mini-comic Trap Jaw would be my preference.
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    I am all in, too. Honestly - I would buy everything as far as vehicles in motuc goes

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    I'm still not sure if I'd like to see the Roton or the Land Shark first for the Evil Warriors but if they go with the Roton, I'd also like it if they included the roof cover.

    I'd prefer it if they only made the vehicle without a packed-in figure, like they did with the Wind Raider. After all, we already have the pilot for the Roton. If they had to throw in a figure, though, I'd be cool if they made a special variant like:

    Filmation Skeletor with the regular human forearms & boots, and new headsculpt.
    Trap-Jaw in mini-comic colors
    Evil-Lyn in "Cloak & Dagger" 200X attire
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    I'll take one, too!

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    I totally want a few Rotons.

    I hope we do get one released before the line is up - moreso than Point Dread which I don't think will look accurate enough or in scale with the figures to sit on top of CG.
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    I want ROTON so badly

    its my fave evil warriors' vehicle just behind land shark

    I'd buy only 1 'cos I have really no more room for motuc and both wind raider/battle ram are taking a lot of space
    but vehicles and playsets are cool! they're welcome and I'm happy if we'll see more of that
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    Yes!! I would love to see the Roton made over any other vehicle at this point. The bad guys deserve transportation too!
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    I would love one. Getting all of the "Foe Men" vehicles has become a big priority for me.
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    "Did someone say Roton?"

    "Yeah, I'll take some!"
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    I'd like one but the vehicles are just to expensive for me TBH.
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    Yeah Roton!! My favorite bad guy vehicle when I was a kid. Definitely want one of those!!

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    I'd love to see it! I'd definitely buy one. The evil guys need a vehicle after all. It's nice that we have the Wind Raider and Battle Ram, but we really need a bad guy vehicle to help level the playing field. And no, I don't count the snake version of the sky sled.
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    I would love one with NO figure and a non-window box with Artwork instead.

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    Heck yes! To be honest I would love most vehicles to get made, but Roton is definitely one of those classic staples from the vintage line and would be cheaper to make than some of the other options available. And I think, based on bcrduke's comment, we may just see it!

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