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Thread: Second Legacy, a Thundercats MOTU crossover

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    Second Legacy, a Thundercats MOTU crossover

    Well here goes:

    It's an ongoing work (at time of this post 11 chapters have been written) set as a crossover between 2011 TC and 2002 MOTU, originally the idea was to have the story fit inbetween the end of TC what lies above episodes and prior to the start of the next season, that never came to be due to cancellation of the show so I took up on the idea of writing a crossover with a end game for both series because to be honest a series that I like that gets cancelled really bugs me. So while the story is based on the recent versions, I have taken the step of delving into the mythology of either series, including the He-Man bible but splitting time to do research, writing/proof reading and drawing is stressful. To the point I have a proof reader who's just double checking on several chapters at the moment.

    So here's the story at present

    but I will be using this topic to reply to any comments and include any artwork in relation to this though I try to showcase more MOTU content.

    Just to let you know the chapters that do focus more heavily on MOUT content are in chapter titles 'Forgotten Days' This was inspired to me by music of said title from one of my old games suikoden (bit off topic but I'm showing my mindset on this)

    As for current MOTU art for the crossover here's a few I made:

    The thing chasing Dobo and one of the twins is something that happens in chapter 8 (more be it that creature from 'underworld' the others on list haven't occurred yet but on the list of being written.

    I do have a link to other material, I drawn so far.


    Finally the cover on the fanfiction was made by old friend mutenroushi back when I had a different DA and had a very badly broken arm at the time and could only fit in a sketch for reference. The art to the cover pic can be viewed here.

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    I noticed that the staff looks like Skeletor's.
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    I recently found this thread...I am interested in reading it, but I haven't yet.

    I had a question, It seems that some of the chapters are "titled" out of chronological order. Chapters 9-12: are they in the wrong order, or should the go 9, 11, 12 then 10?

    I just wanted to try and clarify it before I start reading it. Also, how many more chapters are expected until the story is complete?


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