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Thread: Garbage Pail Kids card lot for sale! (GPK)

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    Garbage Pail Kids card lot for sale! (GPK)


    Well, I have been laid off and I'm just trying to sell some of these. There are cards from every era. Including some of the Mark Pingitore cards that he has been releasing over the past couple of years. There are quite a few rare ones included. I will ship for free here in the US. Please let me know if you are at all interested. A lot of people have clicked on this thread, but no one is reaching out to me. Don't be scared - I won't bite! Unless it will help me sell these.


    I still have all of these GPK cards for sale, but now the lot is about 6000 items!

    I previously stated that I wanted to sell all of these as a lot, but I am open to selling individual cards or smaller lots. I have an Excel spreadsheet with every card catalogued. So, if you are interested, let me know and I can email you the list to look over.
    Thank you!


    I have tons of Garbage Pail Kids cards for sale. There are approximately 5400 items.

    There are some cards from the Original Series (OS), Brand New Series (BNS), All New Series (ANS), Chrome, Flashback (FB), Magnet, Minikins, Posters, Card Boxes, Card Wrappers, Online Only exclusives, Bukimi Kun, Mini Cards, etc.

    I am not selling these individually as I do not have the time to do so. But, I am selling this as a whole lot. You can begin a nice collection and with the extra cards sell them on EBay individually or in groups.

    Please PM me and provide me with your email address so I can email you a spreadsheet that has all of the items included in this lot.

    I will entertain all serious offers.

    Thank you!
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