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Thread: Should Mattel restore cardback bios for 2016 and beyond?

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    I would like to see them return, but understand if they don't want to have them on the card backs any more. I'd like to at least see the ones that were completed but never released be shown in some way.

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    Absolutely. They are awesome and help give depth to the character. Not everyone knows every character or how they fit into the world. So having them makes some random figures come to life for me.

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    I don't care either way any more.
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    I really liked the historic art used on the bio's. As far as the actual bio's, I felt some were good and others left something to be desired.
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    The Bios is take it or leave it for me. It's the figures I want.

    They should just replace it with a cardback art that just give a simple explanation who, what faction, good or evil, powers. No need on the who married who or fallen in love or something.
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    On one hand, I think it's a shame not to at least have a brief blurb describing the character on the box. At the same time though, this is a line aimed at adult collectors; we dont NEED on-package bios.

    I applaud Mattel for trying to do some storytelling and worldbuilding in the MOTUC bios, but the execution wasn't flawless and HOLY JEEZ THE REAL NAMES ARE BAD.

    But meanwhile, those bios are basically the only ongoing MOTU fiction available now that the DC book has folded, right? So if we don't have bios, we have nothing. If the mini-comics were continuing indefinitely then things would be different, but as things stand, I'd rather have crazy "This is the hat Whiplash wore after he went back in time and became the Sorceress's grandmother" bios than nothing at all.

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    I voted yes

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    I think certain characters deserve a bio. I would have loved to see some type of biography for Anti-Eternia He-Man...
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    I never liked them. They just seemed like "official" fan fiction written by an non pro writer. If they wanted to actually spend some money and effort on them and hire an experienced writer then I could consider taking them more seriously.

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    Bios were bad, there were very few I actually liked. They looked like what a high businessman in Mattel thought about MOTU, and it didn't fit my universe, buuuut, removing them altogether is sad and looks very bad. There were some interesting things in them also.

    I would put them again, as a sort of Scrollos files, speaking about them in the manner of what is known, or what is said about them, sort of legend, rather than official and set in stone truth.

    They should have put some writer of the 200X or Filmation series to do it, or a contest between fans.
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