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Thread: After Castle Chill, Its "Bubble" Pumpkin Carriage !

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    After Castle Chill, Its "Bubble" Pumpkin Carriage !

    First off, its amazing to see children's, especially little girls play toys from Disney invading & helping adult collector action figures like MOTUC ! Anyway...... Here's My Happening !!

    So I went to one of my local toys store for getting some good dolls for my little daughter. While checking Barbie & Disney section, I noticed a giant box collecting dusts on the corner. With curiosity jumped out of my mind, I immediately went on to inspect that. It was Disney Princess Cinderella Transforming Pumpkin Carriage. Well, I kept that on the same place with no real interest & moved about 5 steps............

    AND THEN, I remembered this "Castle Chill" thread & BANG ! "Wouldn't it be nice with my POP figures ?" asked myself...... and I rushed back & grabbed that box again ! The original price was 3500/- INR, which was around $50.00 value. I asked the store person if there is any discount applicable for that, he scanned the box & told me that it has now marked with 25% discount ! wOw............ that was all I needed to get that thing !! At least I found a replacement for that Elsa's Ice Palace (For Now) !!

    The Carriage :-

    As soon as I went home, I played that with my POP figures & it was a real fun ! It holds about 4-6 female figures inside the carriage & 1 of course in the horse !!

    With POP Figures :-

    Speaking of horse, I took off the connectors from the original horse as I found it was too "toony" with a Carriage & tried with Swifty, And it worked like a charm ! The connectors not only blended well with Swifty, it also cleverly hid those ugly wing hole gaps !

    You Look So.... SO Pony, I Mean "Toony" :-

    The only down fall with this carriage is that the MOTUC figures CANT actually sit on the seat ! But that's due to MOTUC female's puffy plastic sculpted hairs, which the carriage is not meant for. However, some "short hair" figures like Teela, Huntara can sit "somewhat" if we try !

    So This Is How I'll Have To Sit In This Carriage ? :-

    And finally, the "gimmick" of this carriage. If you want to hide this carriage from Evil Hordak, or if you want to spy what those stupid Horde Troopers are up to ? Well there's always a "Pumpkin" ready, with wheels "transforming" into vines !

    Now That's A Good Big Pulpy Pumpkin :-

    Over all, I am happy for this carriage playset. A perfect place holder for She-Ra's Bubble Carriage playset ! Well, for $25.00 value money, what else I can ask for ??

    Hope You People Like It !
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    Not bad at all, I will certainly consider this a possibility to replace this prototype, the harness is cool the harness straps just look to thick to really blend in other then that nice find.

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    Looks cool! Thanks for sharing your pictures and idea!

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    Im spooked and amazed at the same time... nice idea anyway. Thanks for sharing

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