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Thread: Super7 Masters of the Universe 3.75" ReAction - wave 1 and wave 2 official discussion

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    Any news on these guys? Will there be more?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RyDell View Post
    Any news on these guys? Will there be more?
    I second this question RyDell! I was really hoping for a wave three notation at NYCC. Something like Evil-Lyn, Stinkor, Moss Man, and Faker even, (which could be largely done with repaints and a bit of retooling! Minus Lyn, of course...)

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    Dan's back with a new review! This time he takes a look at the ReAction wave 2 figures from Super7. Check it out!

    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2020!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    Dan's back with a new review! This time he takes a look at the ReAction wave 2 figures from Super7. Check it out!
    Aren't those wave 3?
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    I was so excited when those came out!

    I now have all three waves + variations (except Trap Jaw in green).

    The art is off the hook, plain amazing.

    I have ordered Wave 3 direct from Super7, which costed a bomb for shipping (I live in the UK) but I'm kinda used to that as I buy a lot from the US. I however ended up with extra fees to pay, even though I proactively contacted Super7 to make sure that would not happen. So all together, postage costed me more than the actual order content.

    I was very disappointed upon opening though, He-Man was unfinished (the torso was not painted), Tri Klops card was damaged, almost like the figure was packed too quickly and paints came off on the card.
    Strato's blister was scratched from the inside.

    The point of the collection was to keep MOC so I contacted Super7.
    They replied straight away, refunded postage + faulty figures but did not want to provide me with new non-faulty figures.
    Pretty poor customer service resolution right there if I'm honest, as I'm now left with three faulty figures and would need to place another order to (maybe) receive the finished figures (+international p&p).

    All in all I thought the actual quality of the figures were not to the standard of the original Mattel we grew up with, nor the original Kenner SW (as they are a cross between them both, right?)... the paint job is OK but not amazing.

    So you have been warned.... Cool products, but if you can, drop by the store and make sure to pick up a MOC fully finished product!
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    These Re-action figures are quickly becoming one my favorite MOTU toy-line to collect, beside Classics.
    Can't wait for wave 4 coming this spring!

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    I still toy (no pun intended) with getting some of these.

    I think that if I do, I will limit myself in some way. Maybe only monster-esque/non-human characters, or only Evil Warriors.
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    I finally broke down and decided to give this line a try. I ordered wave 1 Skeletor and the wave 2 He-Man repaint (the one that actually looks like He-Man) from BigBadToyStore. Skeletor turned out fine but I was disappointed with He-Man. A minor nitpick I have is that the sword is painted gray rather than cast in gray plastic. If the intent of the line is to mimic 80's toys, then plastering the sword with paint rather than casting it in the correct color is a fail. But I have a bigger gripe than the sword. His right foot is pointed downward in a way that prevents him from being able to stand up straight like a 5POA figure should be able to stand. After receiving so many MOTUC figures that can't stand properly due to loose ankles, I was looking forward to MOTU figures that could stand properly. But due to the angle of his right foot, he stands wonky and falls easily.
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    I love these figures. I gave every release, save for the glow in the dark variants that were part of loot crate earlier this year. I even love the collector case.

    It would be amazing if they could release some sort of playset, perhaps a display version of the Three Towers, so that it could work with both evil and heroic warriors.

    Would also love to see the following figures:

    Evil-Lyn (yellow skin)
    Evil-Lyn (flesh tone variant)
    Moss Man
    Shadow Weaver
    Rokkon, Stonedar, & Granita 3-pack
    The Enchantress
    King Hiss
    Marzo (Filmation)
    A Want List
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    Just contacted Super7 with a suggestion for Wave4..... they have to do Orko with a vinyl cape & cloth cape variant like the Jawa SW!!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    [QUOTE=FAKER II;3759475 But I have a bigger gripe than the sword. His right foot is pointed downward in a way that prevents him from being able to stand up straight[/QUOTE]

    I have exactly the same issue with Teela.
    I was comparing waves earlier today, it seems like the quality of the finished product is worse with every wave... less attention to details... I also don't understand why they decided to tape the weapons on the actual card (behind the figure) for wave 3 as opposed to the inside blister (like original Kenner and previous waves of this line).
    Wondering if they used a different manufacturer?
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    Possibly dumb question, and no one here may know the answer... but are they going to make more of Series 2 (Trap Jaw, Man-At-Arms, Sorceress & Tri-Klops)? I missed out and would love a second crack at 'em without having to pay a ton.
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    You have to use these guys with the 200x Castle. My phone won’t upload the pics but the scale is awesome. Especially with th Battle Station added on. So cool
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    Is there somewhere that has a checklist of these? For some reason there isn’t one here.
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    Heads up for anyone who may need them: I just got an email letting me know the original Skeletor and He-Man are back in stock! I don't normally collect these, though I love the package art, but I couldn't resist grabbing a Skeletor.

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    I had ignored these online due to budgetary concerns and how some of the faces looked ugly. Not to mention that my focus is on 5.5 inch figures.

    However this weekend I saw Evil Lynn, Mekaneck, and Ram Man on a rack at F.Y.E. I was blown away at the artwork and the figure colors. They were just staring at me and I could not resist it. I checked prices on Super 7, Ebay, and BBTS and concluded that it was worth it to pay the $14.99 for each at F.Y.E.

    I was already imagining forming a nice MOTU wrestling league since I loved the 1980s Kenner Super Powers and Hasbro G.I. Joe figures, with their 7 to 10 points of articulation. So you could imagine by disappointment when I saw MOTU ReAction only has 5- no elbows or knees bent. I also noticed how light and cheap these figures were manufactured. Armor does not come off. No spring action for Rammy.

    On the plus side, they came with weapons which fit nicely, Mekaneck's neck worked, and the faces and colors captured the vintage characters perfectly. I tried playing with them but could not do much. They have a nice size to display. I am unsure if I will continue collecting them. Seriously, for $15 it is a shame that figures like these were made more superior 35 years ago for 3 bucks!

    Part of me is real happy to see ReAction, Pint Sized Heroes, and the new 5.5 Vintage at F.Y.E. or Hot Topic, although I wish they were Target/Walmart for kids and large distribution.

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