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Thread: Camo Khan - new character or variant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uaxuctum View Post
    Here's a full translation, in case anyone's interested:

    Masters of the Universe


    Skeletor, God of Destruction, in his pursuit to achieve domination over the Universe must take hold of Castle Grayskull, fortress of mysterious power. To this end, he ordered Kobra Khan to form a group of new villains, capable of executing his most evil plans. Kobra Khan traveled quickly throughout the galaxy recruiting the most ferocious and dangerous reptiles. Very soon, the group was formed and as a reward, Skeletor named Kobra Khan leader of the Evil Snakes and endowed him with a new power "to camouflage himself" which adding to the power of his hypnotizing venom turns him into one of the most dangerous villains of Eternia. Now He-Man, the most powerful man in the Universe, together with the Defenders of Good will have to face new dangers in order to protect Eternia from the Evil Snakes.

    On the left side:



    Thou take the head off and put water in as shown in the picture.

    Push the head and he'll squirt a jet of hypnotizing liquid. If thou turns his head he'll attack in every direction.


    Funnily, what I find more interesting/amusing about this piece isn't really the tale itself about the Camouflaged Kobra Khan and his army of "Evil Snakes", but actually the linguistic part of it, as the instruction commands use the characteristic verbal forms of the Argentinian dialect (*), and the narration paragraphs are redacted in a style that, to me at least, sounds kind of weird or stilted.

    (*) Which derive from the second person plural forms and are exclusive to this dialectal area, and sound somewhat "odd" to other speakers; an effect that I've tried to somehow reproduce by switching to "modern regional thou" verb forms in the translation, as the Argentinian forms are "modern regional vos" in Spanish (vos is an archaic form of respectful address used frequently in older Golden Age literature, such as Don Quixote or the plays of Lope de Vega and Calderón de la Barca, but nowadays only remaining [although in a "modernized" shape] in certain dialectal varieties, or used for ironic/mocking/comic effect—so in this respect it is quite analogous to the status of "thou" in English, although "thou" was a T-type pronoun whereas vos was a V-type pronoun in the T–V distinction, so in this other respect they had opposite meaning/usage).

    - - - Updated - - -

    Or rather, they scream: "Wait... what's this?! A snakeman with CLAWS!? OMHFG!! WTFS??"
    I guess when creating this variant, Top Toys thought that reuse completely the original Kobra Khan and just repaint it would be too much, so they decided to change at least his arms, and at that time, the only other option that was available so that he still look like a non-human creature, it was to use arms from Buzz-Off

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    I see him more like an offspring to Kobra Khan, part of a new breed, even more dangerous than the snakemen already are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodak's new shoes View Post
    The claws scream new character.
    I have finally returned from Despondos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uaxuctum View Post

    Or rather, they scream: "Wait... what's this?! A snakeman with CLAWS!? OMHFG!! WTFS??"
    I thought the same thing. I just hope he is not Clawful in disguise trying to infiltrate the Snake Men.
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    Since he sports the snake men logo he will be a snake man. I'm just gonna switch out his hands with another pair. I'm not sure I can do the claws, especially being a herp enthusiasts. He will be a totally different character and not kobra khan. I just need to think what hands to get my hands on to replace em.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm glad someone had the original bio on him and translated it for us to all understand. It helps a lot with the mystery of this figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penny Dreadful View Post
    His Argentinian Top Toys bio says he's a powered-up Kobra Khan, given additional powers and rank by Skeletor, so that's what I go by.
    Thank you. I was beginning to think that everyone forgot about the vintage toy line. This figure/character is not new. Goes back to the 80s.
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    Well, we know what he is supposed to be in Classics, by now.
    In my own canon, Kobra Khan got his hands on some ambrosia and tried to make a version that would work for Snake Men. He tried it and - nothing happend. However, since then, this new strange villain has occasionally appeared.
    (It's a kind of Jekyll-and-Hyde situation.)

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    For me a complete new snake man

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