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Thread: How many comic books do you own?

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    How many comic books do you own?

    How many comic books do you own?

    Feel free to provide an exact or approximate number if you know it and want to share.
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    I'd estimate 2000-3000 these days. (Counting only single issues, not my trades or hardcovers.) I severely pared down my collection nearly a decade ago, keeping only the stuff that most mattered. This amounted to stuff like my MOTU comics, complete James Robinson Starman, a huge box containing about 2/3 of Marvel's Savage Sword of Conan, Sin City, Simpsons comics, and my Batman collection. The latter makes up the vast majority of what I have left, complete runs of Batman and Detective, along with related series, stretching from 2011 back into the late 70s, with a smattering of older issues. I stopped buying single issues almost completely, and transitioned to trade waiting (which I had started doing for most series anyway by that time) and following a few select series digitally. These days, I've gotten to where I only bother buying trades for a handful of current series anymore, preferring instead to catch up on stuff digitally when Amazon/Comixology is running a sale. Space is always at a premium, so while I miss making regular trips to the comic store and coming home with a fresh stack to read, the space gained and the money saved makes it well worth it.

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    I have 9 long boxes full of comics and probably a short box left over of various other comics so about 2700-3000 comics.
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    12 long boxes, down from 15. Still about 9 too many.
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    I’m probably near 3-4,000. I was very into Batman and related titles for ages, then cooled it for a bit until Flashpoint and the first year of the New 52. Lately though, my pulls consist only of Marvel and IDW’s Star Wars titles and my very favorite, IDW’s TMNT series. (If you’ve never read it, do so! It’s amazing!!!)
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    Too many, I'd estimate over 10,000....


    More like 14,400ish...

    ... and counting...
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    The only ones I own were given to me or came with a toy I purchased.

    I could get into it, but collect waaaaay too much stuff already to get into something like comics. Same thing with Legos, love them, but I'd need another wing of the house to display them all, so I avoid collecting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The All American View Post
    How many comic books do you own?

    Feel free to provide an exact or approximate number if you know it and want to share.
    Wow, nice question.

    Hmmm....Single issues, TP, HC, and other form, I really don't have an exact count but surely 1,000 more or less. I only buy MOTU comics nowadays but those comics are mostly DC Comics pre New 52 and Rebirth and some sporadic Marvel Comics.

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    I probably have near or over 1000 comics in collected graphic novels.

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    20,000 & counting 55 long boxes

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    4 long boxes and 3 short ones... all stuff form 70ies-80ies and 90ies.. i stopped in collecting in 96 apart from a few TF and GI joe comics.

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