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Thread: Marvel or DC?

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    Didn't vote but DC guy here.

    Though I'm not a hardcore DC fan. Because I some what keep up on Marvel news or occasionally thumb through a Marvel comic at my local comic shop. And once Marvel got the star wars rights back I started to pick them up, because it came "official" cannonn.

    Also I'm picking up the Madballs comic from Lions Forge.

    Since I'm also a wrestling fan I'm picking up a Lions Forge's comic starring Chavo Guerrarro. Also comes in Spanish.

    If I was going to introduce someone to one of the big two I'd easily say hands down DC.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't think DC is perfect or vastly superior than marvel.

    Does one need the other to exist? No. But that's another topic for another time.

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    DC fan... but I read and support Marvel too and others. There is no line really between them only gray areas i guess

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    I am definitely a passionate DC Comics fan.
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    Can't vote. There's a neither option... but there needs to be a 'both' option. Marvel has Daredevil and Spider-manů. DC has Green Lantern and Superman... Really can't chose.

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    just escaped from deathtrap dungeon (uk)
    dc has lobo the main fragging man hisself!
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    How about both?

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    If I was forced to pick one I would have to say Marvel . They have more variety and I had secret wars toys . I was exposed to marvel cartoons. Batman and Superman was drowned out by a flood of marvel . The first video shop had captain America and Namor and superman . I watched Spiderman in a language I did not understand on tv . When we moved to another country the video shop had Spider Friends . In my mid teens it was fox xmen show . There was a bit of Adam
    west batman and some lame batman toons on tv budget reruns I assume . Superman was just a live action movie . Spiderman and Hulk had live action shows too .

    If we talking comics ...
    I had a rather substantial Harvey comic collection before I started on either DC or Marvel . My first super hero comic was Hot Stuff the lil devil .
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    I go both ways on this subject
    I have way more Marvel Comics in my collection [FF, Punisher, Hulk, Nick Fury]- they were just untouchable in the 1990s, Whereas DC Comics I have Superman/Action and Harley Quinn comics.

    However DC has the more legendary and iconic characters and the greatest villains of all time in Batman's Rogues Galley, though it must be said the only hero that has a gallery even close to Batman is Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery.

    I just really like the mystical, outer space, darkness that many of the DC characters have in them. Jonah Hex, The Spectre , Doctor Fate, Darkseid and all of Apokalips, the Green Lantern Corps. I really love all that sci-fi stuff that's part of DC. Marvel has its share but DC seems darker in this respect.

    The Marvel MCU- I've seen the films [not all] and they seem very sterile and too clean. They aren't bad films- I just don't care for them on the whole-CGI overkill. That said the current DCEU isn't that amazing either.

    The best films/tv in my opinion from each is pretty different than the majority:

    • BATMAN 1989 & Batman Returns
    • Superman: The Movie [doesn't get more iconic than this]
    • Batman [West series]
    • Wonder Woman [Lynda Carter-oh my]
    • Batman TAS - best cartoon ever ?
    • Supergirl [current CW series]
    • the current DC Animated Movie Universe - [these are by far the best superhero movies being made today].

    • All 3 Punisher films & the series [that's right i said all three]
    • Spider-Man 1970s live action series [good campy fun]
    • X-Men The Animated Series
    • The Incredible Hulk [Bixby/Ferrigno] - fantastic television program

    Then there's the toys [i'd say they are equally represented in the past and current
    • Batman Kenner- from all 4 films are fantastic- even if the latter two movies weren't-the toys were well made :-)
    • Batman toys in the 90s were as big of line as Marvel ToyBiz
    • Kenner Super Powers - a gold standard, Secret Wars- laughable in comparison
    • ToybBiz Marvel Heroes/X-Men/Spider-Man lines - these were/still are so easy to collect
    • I don't but many new DC/Marvel toys- have a few one-offs from DC. Keaton/Harley Quinn/Jokers
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    Marvel was my vote.
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    Tough choice, I like both, but if I had to pick just on nostalgia it's Marvel.

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    I like Marvel, but definitely DC for me.

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    I like BOTH. I grew up loving X-Men and Wonder Woman and Superman <3
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    I do love Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, and Dr. Fate but own less than a 20 comics of these titles all together. I probably have more Batman graphic novels than issues. But I'll go Marvel any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Go Muties or go home!

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    Voted DC although Marvel was my preferred publisher back in my late elementary and early teenage years. I originally loved DC as a young kid, and came back home in my late teens. I don’t follow most of the modern stuff so maybe my view could be skewed.
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    I've always liked both equally and genuinely never understood it when people wanted me to pick one or the other. Why pick one, when you can enjoy twice the awesomeness?

    I really miss the "big event" crossovers they used to do. Now that Marvel and DC are owned by Disney and WB, respectively, I doubt we'll ever see that again unless they decide to pull a "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" with the superheroes. lol.

    Here are some pics of my childhood comic book collection, which still resides up in my parents' attic. lol. As you can see, it's pretty much an equal split between both publishers.

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    marvel sidekicks

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    I didn't vote. I prefer DC's comics, but like Marvel's films better.

    When I was younger, I vastly preferred Marvel over DC. As an adult, I can barely read the Marvel books I liked as a dumb kid. Yet I can pick up a DC reprint book from the thirties and appreciate it.

    My favorite characters are the original Golden Age JSA (Sandman, Spectre, Wildcat, etc), Jonah Hex and Swamp Thing. With Marvel, I really only care for Ghost Rider and some of the 70s horror titles.
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    It's pretty equal for me and I don't really go in for who's better. I will say I get annoyed with both of them for restarting a series every few years so they can have a "Fill in the blank #1!" to generate higher sales.

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