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Thread: Anti-Eternia Orko Support Thread

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    Please check out my custom figures. The first few stink but I get better.

    I also wrote a fanfic. See the fanfic board. At least four people like it.

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    Isn't UNO the Anti-Orko? An evil Orko with a color palette swap, black nail polish and earrings, check.

    He was the least impressive Unnamed One I could imagine but he would make a nice Anti-Orko display buddy for Anti-Eternia He-Man.

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    I wish Big Finish would start making He-Man audio plays!

    Top want list: Mask of Power Demons, Snake Goddess Teela, GITD Goddess, Snake Mountain Man, Dree-Elle & Montork, 200X Beast-Man, Red Beast, Ra-Jar, Great Black Wizard, Dragoon, King Torius, 200x Centaur Chief, Queen Andreeno.


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    interested in evil trollans jut not in an evil orko.


    hey! while we're at it let's have evil care bears or an evil mr Rodgers.

    oh wait! I've got it! an evil big bird. that'd be freaking cool(heavy and thick sarcasm)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shecky View Post
    Just fan created images that were used in the annual fan polls, I believe.

    And were those based on vague descriptions at least?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyger View Post
    Isn't UNO the Anti-Orko? An evil Orko with a color palette swap, black nail polish and earrings, check.

    He was the least impressive Unnamed One I could imagine but he would make a nice Anti-Orko display buddy for Anti-Eternia He-Man.
    For me, the MOTUC "Gorpo" is the Anti-Orko and I will be displaying him next to Anti He-man. I may customize an Anti Man at Arms, once I free up some time for it and obtain an extra Anti He-man or two.
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    NO KAYO? NOT OKAY-O! Catch my pics on Instagram: countjudas FOR 2019: Kayo, Lizorr, Sagitar, Negator, Hunga the Harpy, Kol Darr, Catra cat form, Leo Faker, Anti Eternia MAA and Orko, Melog, Filmation Ram Man and movie figures

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    I would be interested in the black Anti-Eternia Wind Raider, but I don't need repaints of Orko & Man-At-Arms. They wouldn't be accurate anyway, since the story describes them as looking just like their Eternian counterparts. I would assume (based on Anti-Man-At-Arms's appearance) that Anti-Adam looks identical to our Adam too, and only turns black when he transforms, due to the evil power of the Castle of Darkness.

    I kinda like to believe that the Anti-Eternia Man-At-Arms from this story is the same one we saw in the 200X "Dark Reflections" comic arc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uaxuctum View Post
    And Gorpo (the true one)! There are like a dozen Trollans and Orko variants that should be given far greater precedence over a newly invented one (that moreover wouldn't even correspond to the "Anti-Eternia Orko" as described in the audioplay).

    It's one thing to be getting the "Anti-Eternia He-man" from the super-obscure German audioplays, as a nod to those relatively few fans that did have access to that source in their childhood. It's a whole 'nother matter to now start requesting every major character to be repainted in "Anti-Eternian" colors. If someone is so interested in such "easy" repaints, they should just repaint whatever character they'd like an "Anti-" version of themselves.

    We are under a very stringent shortage of release slots (they've just confirmed next year will be as restricted to the same small handful of slots as this year, which is a whole lot less than previous years, especially with half of the Matty slots now being taken by the underdetailed Filmation variants of A-listers that don't fit well with the rest or Classics, or by Thundercats that aren't even MotU), whereas there are dozens upon dozens of fan-requested characters from a wide range of sources with far more claim to one of the very few release slots available than these newly-invented easy-repaint "Anti-Whoever" variants.
    unfortunately I have to agree with the above. I myself do not even particularly want Dree Elle or Uncle Montork (to speak nothing of the other trollans) though I would have been happy to have that fan Gorpo (orko repaint, stars, ect)

    Anti Eternia He Man is pretty cool if nothing I was ever aware of, and his package really is what makes him pop for me, and I am actually super glad that the Germans got a nod for their known character.

    Leave it at that though. As explained pretty well (if perhaps a bit antagonistically, no harm no foul) there are quite alot of other characters to get to, with more important variants as well. Myself was expecting a slime pit He Man rather than Anti Eternia, but it's cool.

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    perfect substitute for anti eternia orko

    I cant believe no one thought of this before, but shadow orko could totally pass as anti eternia orko

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    Quote Originally Posted by No-Ah View Post
    I wish Big Finish would start making He-Man audio plays!
    That would be sooo good!

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