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Thread: MOTU Anime Style Animated posters

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    MOTU Anime Style Animated posters

    It's been a while... a long long while since i've been here & it's good to be back from time to time.

    Just thought I'd share this little piece of animation of my Anime Style Skelly. I'll try to do one poster every two months & I usually share the original psds with my patrons on Patreon to help support my webcomics. Hope you like the first animated poster... Skeletor!!!

    OverLord Of Evil - Skeletor Animated by JazylH on DeviantArt

    Look forward to your thoughts.
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    Holly Grayskull incarnate! More people need to see this:

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    Wow, these are awesome, Jaz! :o
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    Is He-Man saying "I have the power"?
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