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Thread: Those UNPRODUCED new adventures figures (for MOTUC?) thread

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    These are great but lets complete the produced vintage NA figures first
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinobot View Post
    -So now we have the McCarthy concepts, along with the concepts that uaxuctum posted. Someone needs to get pictures of Detector and Crystoll in here and this thread will be the catch-all for NA concept figures!
    I purposefully didn't include Detector (early version for Vizar) and Crystoll (early version of Karatti), because those were actually featured in comics/magazines, so they aren't strictly just concept characters but more like characters (or versions/variants) that only appeared on printed media (although based on prior concept art for toys, rather than created by the comic/magazine artist themself). Anyway, here they are:

    Some other (so far unnamed) characters were also featured in one of those comics/magazines (where also a green version of Detector is seen):

    There's a prominent Yellow-&-Green Guy (colored Red-&-Yellow on the previous page) sitting near Flipshot and Darius, that I'd very much like to see further developed into a full-fledged character and MotUC figure. There are also some mysterious yellow women in the assembly (a helmeted one, and two others with trekkie vibes), plus what appears like maybe a yellow version of Hydron.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 13977 View Post
    These are great but lets complete the produced vintage NA figures first
    Completely agreed I want the important characters we are missing not some dug up rejected concepts.

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    Rocket Legs vs Sledor are amazing. Ill buy them without any doubt.



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    Even though I'm not a huge fan of NA, any new MOTU characters would be welcomed on my shelf.
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    These are awesome! I would have loved some of these as a kid, they are crazy!
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    Even I don't like the NA series I have somethin' in my collection.
    And I like the redheaded girl and the redheaded Skeletor... after all we don't have many redheads in MOTU, only Teela and Fisto....
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    These renderings put us even further from getting my NA collection where I want it to be. Super7 needs to step up its NA game!

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    The more I think about this proposed new direction in the New Adventures He-Man toy line, the more I get to wondering (never a good thing!):

    Many of these toy gimmicks can be correlated to the final (1991) Wave of He-Man Action Figures. Was this rather bizarre arena-battling competition concept the direction that the "New Adventures of He-Man" TV show was heading in it's final episodes? The Blacksmith of Crelus, The Call to The Games, The arena-style competition on Rintor, it was all pretty watered down by this point. But could that final mini-series' worth of toy product have started with these crazy dystopian warriors, bound together in endless combat by the shin or forearm?
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    I love those. They are completely crazy and exactly what I expect from a more futuristic MotU. I mean, the Mutants that we actually got in NA are fine, but the Galactic Protectors are rather boring compared to these.
    The names though, leave something to be desired. I mean, Kickor? Come on, you can do better. (Well, they did. Karatti IS a better name.)

    Looking closer at the Skeletor - is his body supposed to look like it has a face? I mean, it has those eyelike windows and the crotchpiece seems to have teeth ...

    I actually used them when I sketched a BraveStarr reboot. A future generation of Galactic Protectors and a gang of Space Pirates whom BraveStarr meets when he visits the Tri-Solar-System in a three-episode story during the fifth season. This Skeletor is actually the grandson of Skeletor and Crita (the color scheme fits to well to not do that) who was actually named Skeletor by his parents.
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    Kickor seems to be stitched together Frankenstein's Monster style... Seems like he'd be more at home with the Horde.

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    That Skeletor is AMAZING!!! Most of these designs are fantastic!

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    These are neat, but if we're struggling to even get the remaining vintage NA figures, what chance do these obscure concepts have?

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