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Thread: Support for Young Evil-Lyn (MYP) in Classics

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    Support for Young Evil-Lyn (MYP) in Classics

    There are quite a few differences between these two designs! Easily enough to justify a variant Evil-Lyn figure being made.

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    I would prefer we get an official 200x Evil-Lyn first before I support a younger version of her.
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    In order of young 200x versions of characters I'd go

    1. Teela
    2. Adam
    3. Lyn

    But I'd rather have adult 200x Lyn than youngster.

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    Sure! Looks good to me!

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    We need this version for sure. I have had such high hopes for MYP versions of many characters. I am going to keep my fingers crossed. The MYP characters we have had have went over really well. The 200x mini sub characters are holding value and the Horde Wraith for this year sold out quick during the presale from online retailers.

    This is exactly what classics need to move this line forward. Its our time for MYP! ( ..yes I still want Lodar, Hunga and Delora too)
    I just think some of these main characters in the version is WAY long overdue and very popular.
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    Her bust size got smaller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ehenyo View Post
    Her bust size got smaller.
    Depends on breathing.. air in lungs increase volume of breast.. and perspective too.

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    And yes I would love to have young evil lyn, young beast man 200x to display with Keldor and Kronis.

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    I think before a 200x Evil-Lyn we need a official 200x He-Man and Skeletor!!!
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    Yes to all the 200x variants mentioned so far in this thread.
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    We need to get a proper 200X Lyn first, before we get her younger version.

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ehenyo View Post
    Her bust size got smaller.
    It's the style of her upper clothes, the young one has and extra bone thing on top on each side (4 rows on the younger one, 3 on the older one)

    But the younger one's thighs are bigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swanmarsh View Post
    Yes to all the 200x variants mentioned so far in this thread.
    I'll second this notion. MYP Teela would be great too
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    I'd love to see this release. Add in a human Lord of Zalesia head for her daddy.

    (I'd also still love to get an unhelmeted yellow Lun head to go with the first release.)
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    Kinda, I guess. I mean to say she looks absolutely stunning in that "cute" "young" look and I do adore it and what with Crita having the wrist bodice caplet I can see it.

    That being said, I still cannot in good faith want most variants now that we are lucky to get any figures at all. I prefer unmade characters. There are a few varaints I still would like but having 2 Lyns, and the Battle Ground Evil Lyn with the unhelmeted head stand in for this exact thing I cannot bring myself to hope for this.

    I'll actively hope against it for things more important to me.

    At the end of the day if they made her, absolutely I'd get her however.

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