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Thread: Eternia playset in Akron, Ohio... pickup only at goodwill

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    Eternia playset in Akron, Ohio... pickup only at goodwill

    Someone in Akron might get a hell of a deal on this.
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    I bid on it although i already have 2 of them ... it went for $1101.77 overpaid imo the box was written on the front and the set was missing the hardest most valuable parts. Do not trust they have at home bidders raising prices... no one will investigate them cause theyre a charity . They have 1500 listings for vintage video games at any moment . Making a killing ... while a loophole lets them pay handicap workers less than minimum wage ... most people think they have a secret auction site and almost every big ticket item gets overpaid. Also their upper managment is taking huge bonus money for this . I cant believe people are still donating this stuff .and cant believe how greedy goodwill is

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