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Thread: Let Super 7 and Brian Flynn know what you want in MOTUC

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    There is a lot of great characters left in the line. I think the fan polls are a great place to start, but if they want to add in some characters I'm fine with that also. I would like to see new packaging. The old packaging is great, but it would be great to see something new. Also it would be great to have some character info/bios on the back of the packaging again. Hopefully they will keep with the subscriptions. It is nice to not have to worry about missing figures. I wouldn't mind seeing a best of sub with some of the top characters like He-Man and Skeletor re-released as well as some of the hard to get figures like Whiplash, Teela and Fisto. Hopefully they will continue with more vehicles. And of course I hope we can get Snake Mountain. I'm in even if they need to do something along the lines of a Kickstarter campaign where you have to pay up front.

    Some of the characters I most want to see are Stridor, Lady Slither, Granita, Dylamug, Hawke, Sagitar, Goddess Teela, Lodar and so many more. Hopefully if the Filmation line is continued it will be more Hero heavy since the first one was so villain heavy.

    Another design a character contest would be cool.

    Most of all hopefully they will listen to and get feedback from the fans.

    I'm cautiously optimistic...

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    As an international fan, I want :-

    1) Figures pricing between 20-$30

    2) Shipping Fees (For Internationals) close to Matty Collector charges !

    As for The Wish List :-

    1) Filmation Variants

    2) 200X Variants

    3) Important other media variants (I.E Mini Comics Tri-Klops, NA Cartoon Sorceress)

    4) Important never before made characters (I.E Hunga, Dialamug, Lady Slither, Fangor)

    5) Land Shark

    6) If Possible, Snake Mountain
    Looking For Super 7's Club Grayskull Wave 1 Figures (Hordak, Teela, Man-At-Arms & Tri-Klops) !

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    I think having the existing bucks and tools probably makes this deal workable, so I doubt a total reinvention is in the cards, but who knows?

    I wouldn't mind seeing them re-release some core A-listers with Teela, Shadow Weaver, Fisto, He-Man with vintage head and CG articulation, fixed Roboto, army builders, missing vehicles, etc.

    That said...SNAKE MOUNTAIN!
    Snake Mountain, FINALLY!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penny Dreadful View Post
    I agree. Look to the fan polls. Look at what fans want.

    How would you guys feel about "all new" variants like Flying Fists Mekaneck and things of that nature? Or how about mostly new characters OVER vintage cartoon and comic characters?

    Just theoretical questions based on possibilities I am pondering. For all I know, Super 7 has the top 20 most-wanted characters ready to roll (how I wish!)
    I'm not into variants, but I'm cool with new characters (Draego-Man was a perfect example). I'm down for new characters IF they don't get in the way of the characters that are still missing from our collections. If I had to choose between Classics styled Terror Bat and Kittrina or Lodar, there's no contest. Kittrina and Lodar win. If we're talking about the possibility of getting them ALL, go for it! I love new things! Just not at the expense of the stuff we've been waiting for.

    My hope is that they keep the vibe and aesthetic of Classics, and don't take this thing we've loved for years and turn it on its head. They have other lines for that. (Also, my signature is my wishlist!)
    Some remaining WANTS:
    Kittrina (Classics-detailed), Lady Slither, Garth, Master Sebrian, Skeleteen, Kay-La, (comic)Garn, Meliac, Sagitar, Melog, Spirit of Evil, Artilla, Drissi, Caz, Grot, Melaktha, Scrollos, Hunga, Rajar, Bubblor, Songster, Red Beast, Zed, NA Sorceress, Staghorn, Col. Blast, Fright Zone, Slime Pit, and many more.

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    I want to see Masters of the Universe Classics continue with the same approach as applied by Mattel:

    - a mix of fan-demanded characters from all factions (He-Man, She-Ra: Princess of PoP, New Adventures, 200X, etc)
    - a mix of inspiration for selecting the characters from across various media (Filmation cartoons, mini comics, unmade prototypes, concept characters, etc)

    I also want the figures to be in the same style as MOTUC and the current Collector's Choice lines. I want them to use the same "bucks / tools" and I want the figures to be similarly detailed in terms of sculpting and paint applications. As always, as many accessories as possible is great (especially when a character with no designated accessory can come with a "missing" accessory, for example, She-Ra's toy-design sword, She-Ra's "sword to shield" shield or Netossa's faceguard / helmet).

    As for particular characters, my personal favourites would be: Granita, Hunga the Harpy, He-Ra (concept She-Ra), Joya (aka Bubble Maiden), Spydra, cat-form Catra, The Twiggets, Clawdeen, Dylamug and Lady Slither. I wouldn't be opposed to Kittrina, Hawke / Delora and 200X Sorceress as well.

    I personally have no interest in "new" characters, including Terror Jaguar, Terror Wolf, Terror Bat and Possessed Skeletor. I'd be open to seeing a "new" character solely designed by the Four Horsemen as some sort of limited exclusive, solely based on their excellent work with Draego-Man. But, with so many existing characters to include in MOTUC and with a limited number of slots, I have no real interest in the "new" characters.

    I have no interest in "artsy counterculture repaints" (e.g. Disco Skeletor) or "punk DIY ethos". If that is what has worked for Super7 to date, then that's great for them. But, if they apply that same character selection approach and design aesthetic to MOTUC, then I unfortunately won't be buying.

    As an aside, as an international fan, I would hope that Super7 continue to make MOTUC available to international fans, with reasonable and affordable shipping costs.

    EDIT: In terms of variants, I'd still like to see toy-design She-Ra (with additional Starburst accessories), toy-design Catra (with additional Shower Power and Scratchin' Sound accessories) and the aforementioned 200X Sorceress.
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    Let Super 7 and Brian Flynn know what you want in MOTUC

    Excited to see what the future brings with Super7. I'd like to see...

    Classics style:

    1. Melaktha, Melaktha, Melaktha! (He appeared in six episodes, making him the character appearing the most in the Masters cartoon that is still missing from the line, I believe). Once again, Melaktha.

    2. Stridor (no brainer, there)

    3. Dylamug

    4. Lodar

    5. Granita

    6. Miro

    In the Club Grayskull style

    1. Man-At-Arms

    2. Fisto

    3. Teela

    4. Sorceress

    5. Merman

    6. Marzo!

    I'd also love to see reissues of important and/or rare figures from Classics: Fisto, Shadow Weaver, Sorceress, Ram Man, Teela, He-Man and Skeletor

    And continue doing the awesome alternative stuff in your other formats. I LOVE the 3 3/4 inch figures!

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    Without going into a ton of detail on character selection, I'll echo what others have said and say to follow the polls and the requests of the fan base.

    What I DON'T want to see in Classics (or the Filmation line, which for all intents and purposes I am lumping in as a part of Classics) is what I would call "weird, random" variants. Things like the 12" vintage style "test shot" figures.... or random, limited, exclusive colored convention variants, etc. like they've done with MOTUSCLE. I mean no disrespect in regards to the other MOTU offerings that Super7 has done. They are fine for what they are, but that's not what MOTUC has ever been up to this point. PLEASE keep it that way.

    My next concern is about the quality of the end product. We've had some issues with Mattel, as is well documented elsewhere. Please do everything possible to at minimum not make the quality any less than what it is now, and if anything improve upon it.

    My other concern is HOW the items will be sold:

    - As many problems as Matty/Digital River had, one of the things that I did like was having the option of a subscription to "lock in" the figures without having to manually order each of them separately. I know it was frustrating for many when the sub model went from being a simple option to being "sub or die," but I would like something akin to the sub to be an option.

    - In regards to the sub model or something akin to it, it would be nice if ALL items were included in it, and if some item comes along later on that wasn't "lumped" in with the sub to begin with, give us some kind of option to "lump it in" with our sub before it's actually released.

    - In regards to manual "day of release" sales or however that will work, when fans go to the website to manually order individual items, it would be nice to still be told ahead of time exactly when items will go up for sale as has been the case with Matty up to this point. If items just go up at random times and sell out, that will be frustrating.

    In other words, take the things that actually DID work about the Matty/DR buying experience and improve on them. But please don't reinvent the wheel in terms of the good things that many fans are used to. After 8 years of collecting this line, and having signed up for every MOTUC sub offered, I really don't want to go back to having to order each and every item when they go up for sale like in the early days of this line.

    PLEASE make the overall buying experience as easy as possible for all involved. If you do that, I think you will have many, many happy customers.

    And lastly, I know right now it looks like it won't happen, and Super7's ability to do much about it may be minimal, but if there's even a sliver of a chance of it happening.... for the love of God and all that is holy.... PLEASE do whatever you can to continue the Thundercats line!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamo of Eternia View Post
    do what you can to continue the Thundercats line!!!!!!!!!!
    This. I may not sub for the Thundercats mainly because of financial reasons last year, but i was always a fan of them, and after the announcement of the comic book crossover i now consider them "part of the family", and eventually i will try to catch up. Hopefully if they continue.

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    First of all: different packaging. I’m tired of the green & yellow brick design and would opt in favor of the classic red & blue meteorite shower.

    As for the character selection:

    - The Masks of Power demons
    - Ice Hacker and his trolls
    - Haramesh
    - Caucasian Stratos
    - human Delora
    - Alcala Skeletor with 5 toes
    - a classic He-Man rerelease with the vintage toy head
    - Old king Randor
    - Crystal clear Man-At-Arms
    - Masks of Power Fisto
    - Merman’s octopus
    - Boxart critters, moat monsters, etc…
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    All the PoG dinosaurs and Battle Raptor.
    Snake Mountain.
    Mantisaur and Clawdeen.



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    I'm so glad that Mattel is finally out of the picture, and a great company like Super7 can run the line without making any of mattel's mistakes. Anyway, I want the line run exactly the same way Mattel did, and with none of Super7's weird design work included.

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    One other request of S7 and the fanbase: let's try to have a great relationship!
    Snake Mountain, FINALLY!!!

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    I would like to see classics progress the way it was in 2014-15. A main sub, an add-on themed sub, some out-of-sub beasts, two packs, and play sets, and draw from every possible avenue of MOTU lore...POP, NA, Filmation, Jetlag, minicomics, ladybird/golden books, DC, NEW 52, 200x, German audio plays, uk comics, prototypes, concepts,SoHM, and Sprinkle in some new characters from new stories (maybe even create-a-character---and make a rich collection that appeals to everyone.
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    First and foremost, 99% of MOTU fandom is united in the fact that we want access to ALL product. A lot of us have been all in for many years. Don't make chase figures or con exclusives that we can't ALL get our hands on.

    I do not want to see characters who are getting figures for the first time appearing in the lesser detailed style of the recent club grayskull line.

    I do want to see many of the characters we have been asking for quite a while now. Hawk/Delora, Kittrina, Stridor, Granita, Lodar, more NA, and many others. See countless fan polls for more info.

    Most of all, I want, as most of us do....SNAKE MOUNTAIN!!!!

    I do not mind the odd new character here and there like the Three Terrors, Flying Fists Mekaneck (blame Daniel if this gets made) etc. I just don't want to see them become the focus.
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    I would like to congratulate Super7 on taking the reigns over MOTU Classics and the CG Filmation lines. I look forward to continue being a supportive fan and customer.

    I'd request a continuation of producing fan demanded characters from the more recent poll. If you're gonna take over, it's best to take the existing customer base with you and not alienate them with absurdities like Dragon Blaster Tri-klops or Flying Fists Mekaneck. Make what people want as those are the characters we will buy.

    Dylamug, Granita, Hunga the Harpy, Lodar, King Miro 200x, Lizorr, Kayo, Sagitar, Stridor, Fang-Or, Lady Slither, Quakke, Mask of Power Demons, Karg, Hawke

    If they want to do variants, they can start with:
    Vintage style Catra, Starburst She-ra, 200x Sorceress, Captain Randor, mini-comic Tri-Klops & Trap Jaw, Discs of Doom Skeletor, Goddess of Serpos Teela

    I'm open to any new characters Super7 may want to create, as long as it's kept to a maximum of one per year. I really liked how Draego-Man, Light Hope and as I call him, Anti Orko (UNO) came out.

    For the CG line: it's pretty easy to pick the most wanted.
    Mer-man, Stratos, Sorceress, Teela, Man-at-Arms, Hordak, Ram Man, Man-E-Faces, Fisto, Tri-Klops, Whiplash, Tung Lashor, Leech, Mantenna, Grizzlor, and I like to throw in my own personal pick, Negator

    And also: Snake Mountain!!
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    SAGITAR and FILMATION TEELA (a really accurate Filmation Teela)!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    One other request of S7 and the fanbase: let's try to have a great relationship!
    Good idea! In preparation for this, someone should go buy some condoms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidlogan View Post
    First and foremost, 99% of MOTU fandom is united in the fact that we want access to ALL product. A lot of ua have been all in for many years. Don't make chase figures or con exclusives that we can't ALL get our hands on.

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    I ask that you be patient with us fans and do the best you guys can do.

    And... Snake Mountain.
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    It would be cool to have a fan demanded and an obscure character each month, with a discount for purchasing both. So like Melektha offered for $28, and a new character for $28, but the two together for $45.
    Grows our numbers, and keeps the character inventory moving because of the deal.
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    what I'd like:

    prices kept below $30 for regular figures
    subscription model continuing
    no chase figures
    decent international shipping prices, at the most the same as Mattycollector's or thereabouts
    no excessive redesigns for characters who've not yet had a figure, if Super7 wants to do a separate sub for their own designs for characters by all means go for it.
    Red Beast
    The remaining NA characters to have had a vintage figure as well as Sebrian, Drissi and Caz.
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    Super7 to get the Thundercats licence

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    Thundercats....Please do what you can.

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    Finish the vintage New Adventures lineup
    Prominent Filmation characters like Granita, Dylamug, Hunga, Hawke
    King Miro
    Stridor and Sagitar
    The core Filmation characters - Mer-Man, Tri-Klops, Man-at-Arms, Teela, Sorceress, Ram Man, Stratos, Whiplash
    Uncle Motork and Dree Elle
    The Twiggets
    Horde Mummy

    PLEASE NO NEW CHARACTERS until fan demanded figures have been made!

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    CC: 1) Lizorr, 2) Sagitar, 3) King Miro, 4) Hunga, 5) Hoove, 6) Kayo, 7) Artilla, 9) Master Sebrian, 10) MoP Demons, 11) Twiggets, 12) Raj-Jar, 13) Hans Hammerholder, 14) Staghorn, 15) Spinwit, 16) Vizar, 17) Butthead, 18) Nocturna, 19) Melaktha, 20) Vy-Por
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    I hope they will give attention to all the eras.

    • Lodar
    • Prince Dakon
    • Garn
    • Rana
    • Harmesh
    • Masks of Power Demons
    • NA Sorceress
    • blue vest Prince Adam

    • Granita
    • Delora
    • Kittrina
    • Hunga
    • Dylamug
    • Melaktha
    • Queen Balina
    • Game Master
    • Dragoon
    • Uncle Montork and Dre-Elle
    • Queen Elmora
    • Helios

    • Kayo
    • Lizorr
    • Quakke
    • Master Sebrian
    • Vizar
    • Nocturna
    • Hoove
    • Staghorn
    • Sagitar

    • King Miro
    • Hawk
    • Skeleton warriors
    • Queen Andreeno
    • Stingrad
    • 200x Prince Adam
    • 200x Evil-Lyn
    • 200x Sorceress

    • Illumina
    • Fang-Or
    • Lady Slither
    • Hans Hammerholder
    • Robo-Woman
    • Jet Pack
    • Man-Crystal
    • Sharella
    • Quick Flick
    • Skeleteen
    • Old Evil-Lyn
    • Saw Tooth
    • Kay-La
    • Missile-Toe
    • Gladiator
    • Red Shadow
    • Bandwidth
    • Old Beastman
    • Evermean
    • Forklift
    • Airbag
    • Overlords of Trolla!
    • Great Black Wizard
    • Prince Keldor
    • The CAC Runner-Ups/Revenge Squad!
    • Tug-O-War
    • Scrollos

    DC comics new and old
    • Tarrak
    • Ceril
    • Damon
    • Saryn
    • Sage Adi
    • Mendor
    • Horokoth Evil-Lyn
    • Serpos Teela
    • Horokoth/Zoar/Serpos (the animal head versions---turn the 4H loose on them!)

    87 Movie (if it ever becomes possible)
    • Karg
    • Skeletor's Storm trooper army builders
    • Movie He-Man
    • Movie Skeletor
    • Movie Evil-Lyn
    • God Skeletor

    • Shezar
    • Queen Zal
    • Ceres
    • Minox
    • Keclar
    • Lt. Andra
    • Princess Kirma
    • He-Ra
    • Joya
    • Spidra
    • Guerrer-Ro
    • Volcana
    • Daily Comics King Hiss
    • Concept witch
    • Horde Mummy
    • The Errol McCarthy concept characters!

    Yeah and that's just off the top of my head! So...probably we won't see all of those plus the various beasts/vehicles. But as far as I'm concerned, all of that is fair game!
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    The Filmation cartoons need to be carefully considered - beyond a few standouts like Lodar, MYP Miro and some of the more popular NA characters, most of the fan-demanded characters are from Filmation.

    Also, don't ignore the She-Ra Filmation characters! Check the fan polls. There are a few high up - in fact, the Top 3 are consistently from the She-Ra show. (Granita, Dylamug and Hunga)

    With that in mind, these are the characters I want badly:

    Hunga the Harpy (with a second harpy sister head so we can army build them)
    The Twiggets
    King Ahgo
    Admiral Scurvy (the slimmer male buck could be used for others like Master Sebrian, Inspector Darkney and Duke Drear)

    ...and Filmation versions of:

    Most-wanted MOTUC: Granita - Hunga the Harpy - The Melog - Dylamug - Sprag, Sprocker and Spritina - the Twiggets - King Ahgo - Filmation Grizzlor, Mantenna, Leech, Modulok and Multi-Bot

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    Quote Originally Posted by granamyr80 View Post
    With 2 words, you said it all!!!!

    As for the figures, depends from how many Super 7 can release in a year. If we go with the current CC/CG sub sistem, for the Collector Choice the most popular are already known more or less:
    -King/Captain Miro
    -Hunga the Harpy
    -Lady Slither
    -200x Sorceress etc

    Probably a New Adventures mini sub will needed too, to complete that faction.
    All of these.....and DEFINITELY Dragon Blaster Tri-Klops!!!
    Wanted in MOTUC: 1) Masks of Power Demons 2) Mini-Comics Tri-Klops 3) Hoove 4) Vintage Attack Trak 5) Leech (Club Grayskull)
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