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Thread: Do you consider yourself a completist?

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    I was a completist until they started to release more and more stuff that I don`t care about.
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    I wasn't, then I was, now I am not again.

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    Yep, I'm a completist. Especially since this is the most comprehensive MOTU collection created to date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uki View Post
    Yes, but only for Classics. I couldn't care much less about the Toon Line. Give me all the obscure, Classics-Style characters you can, but you can keep your animated-style redos.
    Agreed, but I want the core members in cartoon. But no more after that. Put all effort into classics and get classic style filmation again. This filmation line has its limits. If passed the limit it will get stagnant and die a terrible death.

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    I didn't vote because I'm sort of in-between. I think having a "complete" collection is amazing! But, I no longer have interest in that sort of thing for myself. I just like seeing other people's collections.

    I used to be a completist. I was extremely anal about getting all the crazy packaging variants. Then one day I woke up and realized I was torturing myself over something that only mattered to me. The hunt was fun, but I was shoveling money into something that truly didn't matter. I could have kept my credit card balance low, had money to go do more things with friends, and enjoyed more things in life, but had instead opted to buy a lot of plastic that mostly ended up in boxes. So, that stopped for me around...mmmm.... 2000?

    After that, I just got what I wanted. Of course, that doesn't really matter much now as nearly everything is gone and I just have a few odds and ends. There's nothing like having to sell off your stuff to give you a firm wake-up call about picking and choosing on collecting.

    That said... if you have the space, the money, and the support from those around you to have massive, complete collections? I say go for it.
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    I did with Classics until this year. I probably would have continued to be but the costs for everything has become too much to sustain for me personally. With the exception of Bronze King Grayskull, I have two of everything (one loose and one MOC) from the entire line up until the 2017 Power-Con exclusives. Once I decided to not get one of those sets, it became easier to not get the Collector's Choice wave 1 from Super 7. I will probably get them at some point, piece by piece (especially Quakke), but between the Ultimates, Power-Con, and two different MOTU pre-orders from Super 7 running simultaneously, I had to make some tough choices as a collector.

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