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Thread: Would you pay more for reissues?

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    Would you pay more for reissues?

    We all know that some figures in the line are that harder to find and more expensive to get on the secondary market like Sorceress, Fisto, Rotar vs Twistoid, Shadow Weaver. While others such as Goddess, Roboto, Stinkor could use a refresh to correct certain flaws.

    If Super7 decided to reissue these figures and others but the production number for these reissues would be much lower, requiring a higher price point to offer them to the public once more. Would you be willing to pay more if it meant you could finally get your hands on that figure?
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    Absolutely. I am not missing much (basically Preternia He-Man, Rotar & Twistoid, Anti-Eternia He-Man, Battle Ram W Duncan) and I do not know who I would get if anyone if reissued but if I wanted or needed someone I would rather pay a higher price to get it and get it than an exorbitant amount on Ebay. If it was less than ebay I'd get the Filmation He Man I Skipped maybe.

    Realistically I paid that high price for Camo Kahn, clearly at the end of the day I just want an opportunity to get the figure.
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    I'm sure a lot of ppl missed out or would like to have some of those early well known character.
    Like teela, triklops, roboto, beastman, buzzoff, fisto, Rahman, stinkor, ect
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    Quote Originally Posted by kylun flac View Post
    I'm sure a lot of ppl missed out or would like to have some of those early well known character.
    Like teela, triklops, roboto, beastman, buzzoff, fisto, Rahman, stinkor, ect
    But would those people (who number nowhere near the required quota for a full minimum production run) be willing to pay, for a extremely limited reissue of those characters, prices that basically would end up in the same price range that their original Matty issues are currently at in the secondary market?
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    Nah, although Ultimate Teela definitely piques my interest...

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