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Thread: what modern toys go well with vintage MOTU?

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    what modern toys go well with vintage MOTU?

    One annoying factor in trying to buy vintage toys is they are not always in the best condition- some more so than others. I went with a 200X Ram Man because finding a vintage version without paint or sticker wear almost requires buying MOC. I also went MOTUC for Orko because of similar issues in finding a loose vintage that didn't have bad paint chipping, at least not without spending big bucks.

    And those issues of condition aside... Ram Man had some soft sculpting that doesn't blend in very well with MOTU, at least in my opinion. Orko is quite big to scale with the other toys and can't even hover. A smaller Orko with a clear stand seems to work better.

    So that has me thinking, what 200X or MOTUC figures work well as vintage substitutes? Currently I'm having serious trouble finding a Mekaneck without bad paint wear. Two-Bad suffers the same problem as Roboto where the leg leaks chemicals and turns its silver boots purple. I love the vintage toys, but if I can't find their toys in good shape, why not go 200X? I know the figures are slightly taller(I have Trap Jaw in hand) but that may not be a huge problem since it's barely a half inch. Mekaneck was barely changed for the 200X line and Two-Bad's original toy was bulky anyway. MOTUC would be harder due to the larger scale, but I'm looking at Loo-Kee & Kowl as their vintage toys... Kowl was flocked so it's hard to get one in good shape, and vintage Loo-Kee looks weird with the gimmick eyes, plus both are like Orko- a bit big.

    And what about 200X vehicles? I'd wager a few of those are good enough to collect, right?

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    A lot of the vintage toys are showing their age, no way around it. The plastics continue to become more brittle, the rubber leg bands continue to get weaker, the chemicals in the paint and plastic are separating or oxidizing. I figure in the next ten years or so we're going to have to start manufacturing replacement parts for a lot of the figures. It's a tough spot for collectors to be in.

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    The Two-Bad I had since I was a kid suffered from bleeding chemicals as well, so I bought a Mr. Clean magic eraser, gave it a good rub and he looked like he was took right of the card again.
    Maybe that's something to look into.

    With that being said, I also have a little bit of 200X and MOTUC mixed in with my vintage collection, for Classics I have Madame Razz and Broom, they are a bit large but still smaller than the vintage figures so to me they look great with them, and I have Kowl in Filmation colors which looks perfect.
    I also have Granamyr because he is awesome and supposed to be huge anyway.
    I'm also looking to add Loo-Kee, Imp, Gygor, a couple of Shadow Beasts, Procrustus, and untill I have the money and the chance to buy their vintage counterparts, Tytus and Megator.
    I think a few others may also fitt in such as The Unnamed One and Gwildor, but personally I don't care for them very much and I already have the vintage Gwildor.
    Without their legs the modern Rotar and Twistoid might also look to scale, but with the price they are going for you might as well search for the vintage ones.

    I also have a 200X Castle Grayskull and a loose Battle Station which I use as background, both look great and are perfect in size but I still prefer my vintage Caste Grayskull.
    Also have a 200X Slimepit but it's still MISB so I think I will keep it that way.

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