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Thread: Princess of Power Concepts Across the Crystal Light Barrier (by me and Axel)

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    Princess of Power Concepts Across the Crystal Light Barrier (by me and Axel)

    Ever since the Create-a-Character contest I officially caught the design bug. I pitched up a sketch pad and pencil and have been drawing since. Having been a fan forever and seeing cool concepts like He-Ro and Elder really made me wonder if Princess of Power had any abandoned concepts as well. When I first saw the Bubble Carriage Driver I knew she had to have been the character that eventually was dropped for Bubble Power She-Ra. I eventually got to chat with Axel, someone I hadn't see since Comic-Con many many years ago when he was at DC Comics, and found a kindred spirit who saw the potential for the POP brand to return, as well as expand. So I've spent several years working on my own She-Ra characters and stories for fun.

    Fast forward to Power-Con and the Sander Twins' POP presentation. SPYDRA! KRYSTALA! The Bubble Carriage (Effervesca) was driven by JOYA! The WHISPERING WOODS! VOLCANA! AMBER! Axel and I began talking and...

    "...I wonder what Spydra would look like?"

    So it began...

    I started designing stuff hoping that A) I could eventually customize some of these concepts in plastic, and B) make vintage versions of them for my personal collection. Along comes Super 7 and it all feels like a possibility now. So Axel and I collaborated, and we wanted to share some stuff with you guys.

    Here's the first one some of you may have seen before: BUBBELLE - Bubbly Beauty: Based on the Joya concept.

    Fictional bio:

    Bubbelle is a magical scientist, much like Entrapta. However, where Entrapta's concentration was on capture, Bubbelle focused on escape. Her years on Mysticor studying all kinds of potions culminated in her greatest invention, her Bubble Wand. Able to produce bubbles for a variety of uses to prevent capture, Bubbelle became the Horde's public enemy #1 when it was revealed her soap solution can stop and, in some cases, reverse the effects of the Slime Pit. A master escape artist, she faked her own demise during the Horde invasion and subsequently went into deep seclusion. To this day, neither rebel or hordsemen know if she's even alive. However, on rare occasions, twiggets have reported seeing glimpses of her Bubble Carriage silently floating through the Whispering Woods on a trail of bubbles. She-Ra hopes the myth of Bubbelle is true so she can find her to aid against the Evil Horde by adding four words to her arsenal - "Sword-to-Bubble Wand!"

    Hope you like it. More to come.

    A huge huge thank you to org member Mann-E for his endless patience for guiding me through this process.
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