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Thread: Non existent or impossible to find cartoon DVD collections

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    Man, I got a horror story about one'a them Fleischer tapes. I paid I think five whole bucks for one at a flea market, because it wasn't the usual generic slipcase box, this thing was in one'a them big oversized clamshell cases like a Disney movie. Classy stuff, I'm tellin' ya. The usual nondescript art on the cover; from the back I could tell that it was a collection of Fleischer shorts, but whatever, this was a "high-end" release that would replace the others I already owned.

    Get home, pop it in... tape doesn't work. I'm almost 100% sure that was the very last flea market VHS tape I ever bought that wasn't wrestling or Japanese horror or "erotica". THOSE tapes always worked.
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    I wish Jana Of The Jungle was on DVD.
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