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Thread: Toys/Comics (Mattel) versus cartoon (Fillmation)

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    Toys/Comics (Mattel) versus cartoon (Fillmation)

    I was wondering which vintage MOTU/POP figures you would have loved to look more like their Filmation versions? Or the other way around you actually would have liked Filmation to draw the figure more like the released toy/comics character.

    For me
    I totally love Angella's appearance in Filmation but somehow I am curious to see how her vintage version with the long brown hair would have looked like in animation form.
    Grizzlor in toy/comics form was an gruesome beast, Filmation really toned (and dumbed) him down. Would have been cool if they allowed him to unleash the beast at times.
    Prince Adam, I never understood why the toy got a pink sword instead of the Sword of Power like in the cartoon.
    He-Man toy came with 3 weapons but from cartoon I only remember him using the sword. It would have been cool see him sway that battle axe.
    Mantenna, I love the vintage toy but I would have loved the 4 legged Filmation version in vintage form too. I know MOTUC has a 4 legged version but I really don't like what they did to his face.
    Skeletor toy came with blue sword, I don't recall him ever using that in the cartoon, would have been cool
    Evil-Lyn, I actually would have preferred the toy to be paler like the Filmation (and comics) version not so unnatural yellow
    Clawful, while I don't dislike the Filmation version I prefer the vintage toy and would have liked they went for that design in the cartoon
    Jitsu, I don't like his Filmation appearance, really prefer him with beard and that gritty teeth in the toy, would have looked way fiercer that way in the cartoon
    Man-at-Arms, never understood why the vintage figure had no mustache, that was one of the features that defined him in my opinion
    Bow, well I do think he does look better without mustache so yeah wished Filmation went for the toy appearance, however I really wished they did not use that heart symbol (in both cartoon and toy)

    I guess that's enough for now

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    For POP (excluding Glimmer), I prefer Filmation but MOTU (and Glimmer) I go with Mattel.

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