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Thread: Random (open) discussion about cardback verses toy versions in MOTUC

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    Random (open) discussion about cardback verses toy versions in MOTUC

    As a kid I spent as much time looking at the cardback art as I did playing with the figures. I always longed for a Mer-Man, Skeletor and Man-at-arms that looked like the cardback. So obviously I was thrilled that the cardback versions were released in MOTUC.

    Tonight I happened to take a look at the cardback art in The Art of MOTU book and noticed some discrepancies, and I wanted to point them out and see what your thoughts are.

    So in the vintage artwork Skeletor and Mer-Man were depicted with the gloves and grieves that the Classics figures sport, but Scare Glow and Stinkor were not. Scare Glow had the toy accurate "monster limbs", but Stinkor had Beast Man arms with monster boots, but the impression of human looking toes painted into the feet of the boots.

    I suppose I'm curious to know 2 major things:

    (1) Would you like 2 more versions of Stinkor? I personally would love to have a toy and cardback accurate version, since he is one of my childhood favorites. Obviously his reversed forearms make him a prime candidate for a re-release, but would you want both versions or only one?

    Having a Stinkor with Beast Man arms, monster boots, but Stratos feet sounds pretty sweet, but personally I would like to have a toy accurate version first.

    (2) Can someone with some old mini comics or cardbacks, list others that would deserve a toy accurate version in Classics since they mistakenly used the gloves and grieves design in their first release, when their vintage artwork never depicted them that way? Yes I know the .org has an archive but my computer is slow and this is much more fun and engaging.

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    I only kinda would like a second stinkor. I really love my Classics Stinkor but I am torn. I utilize the original head versus the 200x cat head though it is beautiful. I always thought the merman head fit stinkor better, so even though there is a "superior" head for him I cannot help but use the vintage. If I had a second version I could fix that. Realistically the only way I can see a new stinkor being a draw is if it came with an Odiphus minifig.

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    My preference is for the vintage toy designs. In a perfect world, we'd have vintage toy, card art, Filmation, mini comic, 200X, etc. versions of everything so that every fan can have what they want.

    1.) My preferred parts for Stinkor would be:
    - furry buck
    - furry calves with boot cut
    - vintage toy monster boots
    - Plundar gloved forearms
    - vintage toy head
    - bonus He-Man shield in blue
    - NO STINK (so people allergic to patchouli oil can finally own this figure)

    2.) I can't think of any figures right now. Magenta armor and sword for Faker in a weapons pack is a no brainer.
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    I wish that when Evil-Lyn was released, she had a cardback accurate outfit (also toy accurate to both her and Teela) instead of a repainted Teela outfit.

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    More cardback designs that didn't appear in classics:

    Clawful, with brown boots:

    Wind Raider

    Webstor (with Kobra K. limbs)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Faker (pink armor)

    Battle Armor Skeletor (KK limbs)

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    As a kid, I either got the toys second hand, or the artwork got quickly thrown out, so I prefer toy accurate designs when possible. Still waiting on a proper Man E Faces.

    Also, the Kobra Khan arms and the three toed feet posing for "toy accurate" in Classics are not toy accurate.

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