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Thread: Vintage he-man economics (value rising , stagnating)?

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    Vintage he-man economics (value rising , stagnating)?

    Being vary of the collectors craze and what happend to comics durin erly 90, or the beenie babie crash of 99 OR the amiibo craze. Alot of people collecting then their practically worthless.

    How will vintage 1980-89 figures fare. How will MOC and MISB prices fare during the next 10 years pricewise?

    How will mint (good shaped) loose figures 100% INTACT farre during nex 10 years pricewise?


    My condern is that new generations wont have the special need for he man figures in the future (no new movies, shows ect) todays teens dont know MOTU. That gotta make prices drop?
    Are we at a "top" now? 80s kids are now in their 30-40īs and with lots of cash. Is that the reaseon they are so expensive? Seems like less and less toys are sold and kids entertainment more and more goes toward digital content, ipads, apps, games.

    Will there be crash? when todays teens become 30-40 redy to invest bigtime, there wont be love for some unknown for them action figures?

    any thoughts on the economics and MOTU as an future investment?

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    It's hard to say for sure. Values have risen a lot on vintage over the last ten years, but it also makes a difference that the economy is good right now and people have a bit more disposable income. If there's an economic downturn in the next ten years (likely, at least at some point), values will go down at least temporarily.

    I think one of the biggest factors is how well the MOTU franchise keeps fans interested in newer MOTU lines. There's little doubt in my mind that the prices on vintage MOTU is at least partially due to the fact that the new lines have kept fans interested and have grown the base of collectors for the new lines and the vintage line. If they keep doing a good job, I think prices will maintain and perhaps rise over the next decade.

    One thing I've noticed is that while the values on MOTU are high right now, there are fewer people viewing/posting in the vintage marketplace than ten years ago, meaning fewer people are collecting, either because they've mostly finished their collections or because they're not interested in the vintage line. Still, the interest in newer MOTU helps maintain interest in vintage.
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